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Formula-1 shutdown has been further extended

After cancelling and postponing the races, F1 boss Chase Carey has revealed a new timeline for the 2020 season

Motor events and the auto industry, both have suffered major financial losses at the hands of Coronavirus, and things do not look to get better in the coming time. The auto industry globally will take years to recover the losses that they have incurred. As for Motor Events, the first 10 races of the 2020 F1 season have already been cancelled with the most recent race being the French Grand Prix, which was scrapped on Monday.

It is quite clear that the Covid 19 crisis will not up and vanish in the coming weeks, because of which, the mandatory shutdown which was supposed to last for 3 weeks, has been increased to 5 weeks. The World Motor Sport Council which is run by FIA extended the shutdown period even further from 35 days to 63 days, thereby extending it till June. It is entirely possible that the next F1 race to take place, would be the Austrian Grand Prix which would take place on the 5th of July, but this event would happen behind closed doors, with a few restrictions in place.

Chase Carey, CEO of the F1 Group issued an update 2 days back, and this update gives us some sort of structure about the locations where the upcoming races will be held. The plan for now suggests that the coming F1 races will start from Europe, Asia, Americas and finally, end in the Middle East. These races could begin by the month of July with the final taking place in December.

The race is Austria should start the season, and it is important for F1 to plan the calendar year in such a way, that each continent amongst the chosen 3, hosts at least 8 races, as by doing this, only would they be able to hold a World Championship. However, with Covid 19, nothing is certain, and all that F1 can do at this point, is make a schedule and hope things work out for them.

Another important question which needs to be answered is, will the fans will be allowed to enter the stadiums? Well, initially most of the races will be closed door events, however, if the disease with time begins to diminish in spread and intensity, then it is entirely possible for fans to attend the races.

Carry also went on to say that plans are being made to make sure that the coming races are held in safe and healthy environment, in order to keep the drivers and the working staff of the F1 teams safe.

Furthermore, the F1 boss went on to thank the different F1 teams who worked to build medical equipment which was used by the different medical facilities across the world. We truly hope that Covid 19 does not further hinder the coming races, as we and the many fans all over the world are very eager to once more witness the F1 vehicles accelerating from start to finish. (from home of course).

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