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Tesla’s US made Model 3 is now equipped with a wireless smartphone charger and USB Type C port

Both of these features were already available on the Model Y

Last month, it was been reported that the Model 3 which was built in China’s Gigafactory Shanghai had received a few updates on the interior. A Type C port and wireless charging pad had been added. Looks like the very same update seems to have been included on the Model 3 built at the Fremont, Calif. factory.

Tesla’s Model Y, deliveries for which began 3 months back in the US, was equipped with a wireless charging provision, and this was offered as standard on the vehicle. Until now, if you are a Model 3 owner who wanted this feature on your car, you could probably get it, but it would be in the form of an aftermarket item. However, customers purchasing a Model 3 now would receive their vehicle, fitted with a QI wireless charging pad and Type C port, as standard. When the Model 3 made in China had been upgraded to have these features, Electrek had speculated that soon the Model 3 manufactured in the Fremont based factory (which was then closed) would also be on par with the Model 3 with respect to the new features.

Now that these features have been made standard on the Model 3, it must surely annoy the older Model 3 customers to miss out on basic yet convenient features like these. If it means anything, Tesla’s official accessory list includes a Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger which is priced at $125, and this is the same wireless charging pad which is offered as standard on the updated Model 3. There is no official accessory made by Tesla which can be used to include a Type C port on the older spec Model 3, there are however aftermarket accessories which can get the job done.

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