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The Aston Martin DBX has finally hit production

Aston Martin's first luxury SUV enters the scene

Aston Martin completed a milestone today with the first DBX being driven off its production line. The DBX is Aston Martin’s venture into the luxury SUV world. The company faced some headwind after its IPO back in 2018. In 2019, shares fell as much as 75% and not to mention the stagnation in production and sales amid the COVID-19 lockdown worldwide.

This SUV may be the big break they needed to get their wheels spinning again. So, it is safe to say their foray into SUVs was a BIG move. Their recovery fundraising had a big contribution from Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll who contributed a heaping sum of £182 million. The manufacturing facility is located in St. Athan, Wales and the DBX is the first Aston Martin to be “Made in Wales” . The development program can be traced as far back as 2015. This was followed by physical testing in the year 2018.

The first production DBX was painted in an eye-catching ‘stirling green’. I personally loved the promo video on Aston Martin’s Instagram page that teased a bit of driving and the fancy interior. From what I can see it was exceptionally well received by the audiences. Something tells me the car will, without a doubt, conquer on and off road thanks to its electric power-assisted steering(EPAS) and the 48 volt electronic active anti-roll control system(eARC).

With the DBX, the British marque has focused its efforts on style and performance with sufficient safety features. The DBX sports a new V8 Twin Turbo engine capable of approximately 542 hp. It also utilizes a smart all-wheel drive system and two terrain modes. The SUV is said to sprint 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds. This will be a 5-seater with a wide range of customizable options and accessories.

Prices are approximated to be close to $190k. The initial deliveries are expected to begin later this month. Packed with functionality and encased in a sleek profile, the DBX may very well be the light at the end of the tunnel that ushers in a new era for Aston Martin.

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