Lucid Motor’s first EV estimated to have a mind-blowing EPA range of over 500 miles

Independant tests on the EV reveal staggering data numbers.

The Lucid Motor company, formerly known as Atieva, has done some EPA -based testing conducted by FEV for their first car, the Lucid Air. And test results show us substantial numbers that may tussle with Tesla and probably every other electric vehicle out there.

The Lucid Air was initially set to premiere at the New York International Auto Show back in April but changes in plan will now see to the luxury EV being unveiled in an online global premiere in September.

The American company claimed that their EV would produce over 400 miles of range on a single charge in Elektrek’s interview of the CEO, and it also has the industry-best 0.21 coefficient of drag. However results of the tests conducted by FEV North America today, that apply the same Multicycle Test Procedure as the EPA, were published. And to everyone’s surprise, they revealed a shocking range of 517 miles.

It is also rumoured that the Lucid Air will use a 130 kWh battery pack, but nothing has been confirmed.

In an earlier press release, CEO and CTO of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson said: “Our mission is to deliver sustainable luxury with class-leading range in the form of the Lucid Air, and we are closer than ever to turning that dream into reality.”

The California-based automaker also says that the Lucid Air will be able to accelerate 0-60 mph in a quick 2.5 seconds, which is pretty impressive. Prices are yet to be announced and production of the Lucid Air will begin sometime in late 2020 in Lucid’s Casa Grande factory, Arizona. Deliveries are expected in early 2021. This car will easily oust the Tesla S model, but the Roadster may prove to be a tougher opponent.

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