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Meet the ‘Enyaq iv’, ŠKODA’s all new electric SUV that can go upto 510 kms on a single charge

ŠKODA's first electric SUV finally makes its debut.

After months of wait and anticipation, Czeck automaker ŠKODA has finally unveiled the Enyaq, its first fully electric SUV. And by the sheer looks of it, this EV, which is largely based on the Volkwagen ID.4 concept can rock worlds for the Czech Republic manufacture and can be the most stylish and successful way for Skoda to enter this segment.

The Drivetrain

The Skoda Enyaq will come with a choice of three drivetrains. Kicking off with the Enyaq 50, which will come with a 50 kWh battery, pushing out 148 of all-electric horsepower to the rear wheels (yes, a rear-wheel-drive SUV built by ŠKODA!)  and 220 Nm of torque and going as far as 340 km between charges as claimed by ŠKODA. Next up the line will be the Enyaq 60 with a 62 kWh battery, churning out 179 hp to the rear wheels and 310 nm of torque. It also gets a slightly longer driving range of up to 390 km. Above that, there will be the range-champion Enyaq 80 version, with an 82 kWh battery delivering 204 horsepower, 310 nm of torque and a claimed range of 510 km.

Skoda says that there will also be an all-wheel-drive version called the Enyaq 80x which will have two motors send 265 of those all-electric horses to all four wheels. It will also deliver an increased torque figure of 425 nm but a slightly decreased range of 460km. Finally, there will be the Enyaq vRS, with the same 460 km range, but with potent 306 horsepower and 460 nm of torque. The 50kWh battery gets 50kw DC charging, while the 62kWh and 82kWh ones get 100kW and 125kW DC charging respectively.

The Design

The Skoda Enyaq is a smart-looking thing with sharp Matrix LED headlights and a grill that lights up with 130 LEDs on the top-end models in the front. The styling is fairly restrained on the sides and the back gets sleek looking taillights with ‘Skoda’ spelt out in large spaced letters between them, as seen on other Skoda models. The Enyaq also gets a range of stylish Alloys that compliment the car’s overall look quite well.

The Interior

Perhaps the best way to describe the interior would be “Classic Skoda”. Everything is well built and well put-together, being a Skoda, and being a Skoda, it is very practical. There are large storage spaces throughout the cabin, Including the doorsills, below the centre console and the appropriately named “Jumbo Box” under the arm-rest.

The Dashboard is dominated by a large 13-inch screen on the higher end models, which is fairly easy to use. however, the climate controls and volume are also incorporated in the menus which basically means, they’ll be harder to tweak while driving than conventional dials. Despite the decently sized infotainment screen, the gauge cluster screen is still quite small at only 5.3 inches. Skoda says that they have taken a different approach than their competitors and instead of large screens everywhere, they are gonna use a large head-up display for additional information for the driver.


The Enyaq is built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform which basically means that all the batteries are placed in the floor of the SUV. This leaves ample space for the passengers, especially in the rear seats. in fact, Skoda say that the Enyaq is as commodious as the larger Kodiaq while being shorter than an Octavia. indeed, The headroom is fairly decent, and the Legroom is on par with any large SUV, which is definitely a good thing. Being Electric, there is also no transmission tunnel in the middle, which makes it easier to carry three people in the back. however, as the batteries are stored underneath the floor, it does mean the floor is higher than it would be in a gas-powered car, so taller people might struggle with inner thigh support.

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