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Ferrari is developing an even more powerful V12!

And here we thought the 812 Competizione was going to be the last V12-powered Ferrari... ever.

When Ferrari unveiled the 812 Competizione and Competizione A roughly two weeks ago, we knew we were in for some major anger issues because hey, we knew it was going to be the last V12-powered Ferrari, ever. Ferrari would like to say “Or was it?” Fast-forward to today, Ferrari has confirmed that the illustrious V12 ain’t going nowhere… for some time.

As per Ferrari’s Chief of Marketing and Commercial, Enrico Galliera, Italy is determined to keep the V12 engine alive because hey, it’s the “heart of Ferrari” after all. Having spoken with Autocar in an interview recently, Ferrari’s Technical Bossman, Michael Leiters, hinted that the company is already developing an even powerful version of the V12.

As of now, the details are very limited. But, one thing is for certain – the upcoming V12 motor won’t be used in a track-only 812, as confirmed by Enrico. Instead, the aim is at “something that will be visible in the future.” If our guesses are to right, the more powerful V12 could very well become the heart and soul of the next-gen hyper-car that will replace the LaFerrari. And if that is the case, we could see the total output exceeding 1,000hp.

In an alternate universe, Ferrari could even look at revealing an all-new, special-edition Icona model which would serve as the successor to the Monza SP1 and SP2 speedsters, which were the most powerful of Ferrari’s V12’s, back when they were released, with 810hp available on tap.

Nonetheless, since that day, the maker has upgraded the motor and found several ways to extract even more performance. With the brilliant minds working at the factory, we could see similar techniques like that used to add more horses on the Competizione and Competizione A limited-edition models, making it the ultimate farewell gift before Ferrari enters the EV era.

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