The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is now for real!

The one of a kind hypercar was sold for a price tag of €11 million (roughly Rs. 98 crore).

Bugatti has finally launched the production version of its La Voiture Noire model. It once held the title of the most expensive car before it got replaced by the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail last week. But make no mistake, this black beauty costs €11 million to the lucky owner. The surreptitious owner was rumoured to be Ferdinand Piech, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche. By the way, La Voiture Noire literally translates to “The Black Car” in French. The one-of-a-kind model was first introduced at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show. It is based on the Chiron and meets the same quality standards as a series-produced car.

The coach-built coupe took two years to develop (65,000 engineering hours in Bugatti’s words). It drew inspiration from one of the four examples of the Type 57 SC Atlantic, to pay tribute to its original developer and driver, Jean Bugatti, the son of company founder Ettore Bugatti. It was also him who coined the ‘La Voiture Noire’ name for his ride.

Tragically the original car is now a mystery. An urban legend maybe, but as history tells the story, the rather unique Atlantic went missing just before World War II broke out in 1940, and haven’t been seen since. Who says folklores only include 20 feet tall humans? It could also include a mysteriously lost car. Anyways with mystery comes value. In 2019 Hemmings estimated the value for this ‘lost’ Bugatti at $114,000,000. Well before you count, add a few more millions on top of that to assess the current market value.

Alright, snapping back from the myths and mysteries, this modern alteration of the La Voiture Noire sports bespoke bodywork, a custom minimalist design much like the Atlantic back then. The carbon fibre body sees the absence of a large and dominant rear wing and reduced lines. However, one design element was a requirement right from the start, the dorsal seam down the centerline, that one just had to be present on this homage car no matter what. The whole body carries a seamless curve, void of any sharp edges or gimmicky vents. Even both front and rear bumper are perfectly integrated into the body while the windshield is almost like a curved LED TV, more like a helmet visor, but you get what I mean, right?

Down the clear glass and black bonnet on the front, the nose grille is made from 3D-Printed cells. It is flanked by headlights that sit on the hood edges and consist of 25 individually milled lights. On the rear, the taillight is made from a single-piece surround sitting above no less than six exhaust tips embedded in the rear diffuser. Despite having an almost sealed design with no visible air vents, Buggati claims the parts are air-permeable. Ron Weasley has two words to say on this, “Bloody Hell”.

Enough drooling on the exterior, let’s stain the interiors now. The La Voiture Noire’s cabin comes with a warm Havanna Brown leather interior to complement the black carbon fibres outside. There are polished aluminium inlays on the centre console, the centre spine and the doors. And a special rosewood switch sits like a rose in a desert that allows the setting of the drive modes. In short beautiful inside out. Oh, and yes, it’s powered by the same quad-turbocharged, 1,479-horsepower 8.0-litre W16 engine that comes on the Chiron. Perfect!

“Although the La Voiture Noire is a one-off, we spent two years using a test vehicle to develop and test it in all areas like handling and driving safety so that it can be approved,” says Pierre Rommelfanger, who is the Head of Coachbuilding Projects at Bugatti. Rachat de voiture en panne

Unless you are the mysterious owner of this revived version of a mysterious car, you won’t be riding this beauty. Well, no need to be all sad though, there’s a consolation prize. Bugatti is claimed to be readying a one-off Chiron roadster, likely to be unveiled later this year.

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