Ola Electric reveal plans for expansion. Plans for India’s first indigenous electric sports car shared

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal discussed the company's propositions in e-mobility and the idea to build 4-wheeler EVs soon

Ola Electric released a video on 15th August, presented by none other than their CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, titled “Mission Electric 2022”. In the video, the he mainly put forward the company’s plans to expand in the subsequent months, starting with increasing their production area. Their facility in Hosur is already the largest 2-wheeler manufacturing unit in the world. But that’s apparently not enough to quench the ambitious CEO. Plans were explained about how the facility would be further increased to over 1000 acres, where Ola would build its own Battery cells as well as lay in groundwork to also build a 4-wheeler production unit.

Towards the end of the video Bhavish Aggarwal expressed his enthusiasm upon building the “Sportiest car in India.” Few wishful features were mentioned, like 0-100 kmph in less than 4 seconds, 500+ km range, an all glass roof, drag coefficients nearby of 0.21, first class driving assist capabilities and other user-friendly features included in the brand’s self-made digital architecture, called MoveOS. It is inevitable to draw comparisons to Tesla which has had similar performance figures but, we hope Ola will actually be able to live up to these figures and produce this in time. A sneak peak of the car was also given with a proposed launch in 2024. With the EV market growing bigger by the day in the country presently, a car like this will definitely be a game-changer which will not only give high reaches to Ola, but also India, as an important auto hub.

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