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Codemasters updates driver ratings in F1 22 and fans are divided on it.

The v1.09 patch for the F1 22 game updated driver ratings after the first half of the season which has caused quite the news.

The F1 22 game driver ratings were released after the Monaco Grand Prix and in the latest patch, they have been refreshed before the 2022 season resumes from next week. Codemasters, the game developers were assisted by David Croft, Alex Jacques and Anthony Davidson to implement the changes in the ratings. Take a look at how the drivers gained or lost points.

In the F1 racing game, drivers are given rating based on Experience (EXP), Racecraft (RAC), Awareness (AWA) and Pace (PAC). 

Major Changes

Max Verstappen

The Dutchman has been crowned at the top with his superior performance after a mildly bumpy start to the season. Earlier he was neck-to-neck with Hamilton after his Championship victory last year, but in the last 6 races he has won 4 of them! For this feat the has been granted a 2 point boost in awareness and 1 point boost in pace, resulting in an unparalleled overall of 95 points.

George Russell

The young British driver has moved up the ranks after the string of podiums this season. His race-craft has been increased by 4 points and his pace by 2 points. However, he has lost a couple of awareness points which has kept him at an overall 92 points.

Charles Leclerc

The Monegasque’s drop in the chart is being widely argued. He has lost 3 pace points overall and 1 point for awareness, ending up with an overall 90 points. This places him at 4th place, behind Russell. Given how his races have gone this season, fans have found the ratings to be unfair. It has been pointed out that the ratings are only based on race results and not what progresses in the race. We can’t deny that as we all know what went down at Ferrari during the first half of the season. Leclerc carried a lot more pace than Russell and if his DNFs are kept aside, he is supposed to be up next to Verstappen. His only mistake in France doesn’t really cut it given this is his first year competing for the championship title and his team has grossly erred in giving him the perfect strategies.

Carlos Sainz

The man who won the British GP this year has taken a massive hit of 9 points on awareness but has been compensated by 2 points for racecraft and 3 points for pace for a final overall rating of 88. He currently sits in 7th place.

Daniel Ricciardo

Here is another driver at the center of speculation. An abysmal season so far has seen him be outqualified by his teammate at every race with most of them also finishing behind him as well. But still, the developers have decided to give him a boost in racecraft and pace while his awareness has been knocked off by 9 points!

Apart from these, a few notable changes were in the ratings for Esteban Ocon, Mick Schumacher and Zhou Guanyu. Zhou has had a relatively good debut season, which granted him an overall rating of 75 points, having gained 5 points since the ratings were first shared.

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