Ford Bids Adieu to its most sophisticated supercar with the Ford GT Le Mans Edition!

Ford has unveiled the Ford GT Le Mans Edition, this will be the final special edition version of the Ford GT which will mark the end of production of the current generation of the American supercar. The Ford GT LM Edition is a homage to Ford’s Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance Professional (LMGTE Pro) entrants in the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours, which won the first and third position.The Ford GT’s story started in the early 1960s when Ford went against Ferrari to beat them in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the GT40 in which they were successful by decimating Ferrari in 1966. Ford has now decided to give the GT’s second generation an end. Ford has revealed the 2022 GT LM Edition as a sendoff for the race-bred supercar.


The LM is made out of carbon-fiber which is painted in Liquid Silver, with either red- or blue-tinted carbon-fiber accents to honor the 2016 No. 68 Le Mans class winner. The tinted look can also be found on the front splitter, side sills, mirror stalks, rear diffuser, and engine bay louvers. The wheels are also carbon fiber with a size of 20-inches and they too get the colored highlights, and black Brembo brake calipers.

How is it on the Inside?

In the cabin, you get to choose either a red or black Alcantara driver’s seat that is copled with with an ebony-coloured passenger seat. The door pillars and headlining are both finished in ebony-coloured Alcantara. Meanwhile the center console and air-conditioning vents feature more carbon fiber.

Ford remembered to add a special touch in the form of the GT LM Edition’s instrument panel badge. This is made from an alloy constructed using the crankshaft of the car that finished in third place in 2016.

The Mechanicals Elements are the Same!

When it comes to the mechanical section, the GT LM Edition isn’t very different from the standard GT. It is powered by the same 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 motor that makes 656 hp and 746 Nm of torque. The mammoth engine can propel the supercar to 100kph from standstill in 2.8 seconds, 160kph in 6 seconds and goes on to hit a top speed of 350kph.

The Fort GT Le Mans Edition is the final model of production for the second-generation GT, which first hit the market in 2017. The GT received  several motorsport-inspired heritage editions in its five years of production. In 2022, Ford showcased two other models that honored its motorsport icons, such as the Holman Moody Heritage Edition and the Alan Mann Heritage Edition. A list of models that paid tribute to the historic racers have also been launched in recent times, including the ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition and the ’66 Daytona Heritage Edition.

A handful of 20 LM Edition cars will be produced, starting this autumn. It will see the end of production for the second-generation GT after 5 years of its successful campaign.

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