Honda Prologue concept will electrify the SUV market!

Honda has introduced the direction it is headed in the future in the form of Prologue, an Electric SUV concept. This car is set to enter the North American market in 2024.


How does it look?

The Honda design team in Los Angeles was responsible for the styling of the new Prologue. They created a design philosophy that they are calling Neo-Rugged. It has a panoramic roof and 21 inch wheels. The front is inspired from the Honda e EV which is claimed to have a distinctive exterior. It will be available exclusively in the  North Shore Pearl exterior color which was inspired from the natural beauty and colors near Lake Tahoe in California. Honda has tried to build an EV identity by replacing the “H-mark” badge on the rear with the full Honda brand name in a stylized typeface which intends to capture the modern and clean design of the Prologue. Prologue will also adopt the brand’s e: series name badging.

Prologue Dimensions

Exterior MeasurementsInches
Wheel Diameter21-inch

Inside the Prologue

The Prologue has a well thought out interior that provides ample space for passengers and cargo. Like other EVs of the segment, the Prologue also has a tech-rich cabin, with a digital 11-inch driver display panel and an 11.3-inch audio/connectivity display.

Importance of the Prologue

The Prologue will be an important proposition for Honda in the US as the country plans to phase out new diesel cars by 2025 followed by new petrol cars by 2030.

There is no information on how the car will be powered just yet, but it will likely match the Blazer, which gets up to 510km of range and a maximum charging rate of up to 190kW.

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