2024 Hyundai Kona makes global debut with a larger body and futuristic design!

As expected out of a Hyundai in recent times, the 2024 Kona is packed to the gills with features and technology.

Hyundai have globally unveiled the all new 2024 Kona EV and it follows in the footsteps of the ever so loved Hyundai Ioniq. While the current gen Kona may not be a popular choice in India owing to its size-price ratio, it surely is a great EV. The range and battery tech, the features, the fit-finish and the overall design is very upmarket. It’s just that in a price-sensitive market like India, the Kona EV was never bound to make any impact at all. Especially since the launch of the Nexon EV offering almost everything at half the price.

With that said, the brand new 2024 Kona EV seems to be not only bigger and better but, a much better fit for the Indian market even if offered at a similar price point to the current gen Kona. The new Kona is now offered in 4 variants namely an EV, a Hybrid, an ICE based and the N-Line. Whether all of these will make it to India is still unanswered but our sources tell us that the EV and Hybrid versions are bound to make it to India pretty much at the same time as made available in Europe. The new Kona is bigger (and bolder) having a length of 171.5 inches (4,355 millimeters) long making it 150mm longer than the current model, and the wheelbase increases by 2.36 inches (60 millimeters). The width is up 0.98 inches (25 millimeters) and we believe it now goes in the Creta segment with much higher quality levels, futuristic design and technology. Definitely a well rounded package if launched within the ₹26-30 lakh mark in India.


The new Kona looks like it was designed from scratch and using the “Pixel theme” followed with the Ioniq. There is an LED light bar at the front with pixel elements. There’s more pixel like elements here and there but there is one bit that does NOT look that well on the ICE variant. That would be the rectangular opening below the light bar which is a smooth covered metal in the electric variant. Full credits to Hyundai designers for making it look much better than most of the competition but, it still appears a tad bit overdone since the vehicle looks bolder than its size demonstrates. But, this overly discussed lower fascia stands to be the primary differentiating facto among the 4 variants apart from some other badging and apparent differences here and there.

When it comes to the side profile, the hybrid- and combustion-powered variants have body cladding on the fenders while the EV and N Line keep this section in the body color. The N Line even has a rear spoiler, dual exhaust outlets at the rear, black pieces for the mirror caps & roof and, special silver side skirts. The rear end matches the front having a similar light bar stretching across the hatchback with pixel elements there in as well. Important to note that both the actual headlights and taillights are at the corners which is a hit or miss depending on how much you like it.


The interior is what catches the eye. Literally. Apart from the gizmos, screens and features galore, the Kona offers a beautifully laid out interior that is sure to surpass competition especially when it comes to the smooth interface they offer. The new Kona has two 12.3-inch screens that share a single and very small bezel. Below the big displays though, lies the center stack which houses a pair of vents and the controls for the HVAC system. The gearshift is also now on the column behind the steering wheel.

Pricing and performance

There isn’t any info on the performance specs of either of the variants on offer nor is there any info about the price at which it might be launched. It’s the 2022 trend of “soft launch” of their vehicles to intrigue and gauge customer interest, take media feedback and finally launch the product after analyzing the market’s expectations. Basically a summary of the Go-To-Market strategy for this segment of vehicles. For more news, stay tuned!

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