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Mahindra XUV300 achieves five stars and highest combined result to date!

All of us know about the recent trend, started by Tata motors, for Indian manufacturers that make cars for global listings. And today we have news about the Mahindra XUV300, which has been given a 5-star score for  safety. This was a Global NCAP conducted crash test and let’s just say the car passed with flying colors! The previous Mahindra model that scored a perfect 5 in the crash test was the Marazzo.

Indian car manufacturers must take car safety much more seriously than they do at the moment. Let’s hope that the recent work by Tata and Mahindra, has truly been able to set an example.

The report for the XUV300 was spectacular. According to the report, the car received 5-stars for adult occupant protection and 4-stars for child occupant protection. The model comes with 2 frontal airbags and offers side airbags and ESC as additions. Adding to these great features is a stable structure and footwell area along with excellent head and neck protection.

Now that we have covered the head and neck, let’s discuss the upper body protection. The review for chest protection was rendered adequate while the knees and femur appeared to be good.

Next, the XUV300 passed with extreme ease when the question was about either passenger or driver side requirements. This test is conducted by the Global NCAP as well under the UN95 Regulation.

What is the review for child occupant protection you’d ask! Well, the 18-month-old dummy which was used was well-protected during the crash test. The CRS was installed in a rearward position along with the support leg and standard ISOFIX anchorages. However, for the. crash test for a toddler (3-year old), the CRS was installed in a forward-facing position with the same ISOFIX anchorages as well. The entire set-up paired with a top tether provided considerable protection to the used dummy.

Another feature of the XUV300 which comes in handy is the possibility of disengaging the airbags on the passenger sides in case it is required for the installation of rearward facing CRS.

However, since there is a visible lack in the existence of three-point belts in each seating position along with poor marking of ISOFIX are the explanation for the four-star child protection rating. It is expected that the future upgraded versions of the model will focus more on child occupant protection.

The CEO and President of Global NCAP, David Ward, said that Mahindra is actually one of the only two Indian brands which have received a 5-star rating at the tests conducted by Global NCAP. Furthermore, the XUV300 has achieved the highest score in the combined crash test results amongst all the Indian cars tested to date. He exhibited great delight in the fact that the. XUV300’s result has been a great contributor to their #SaferCarsForIndia Campaign.

It’s a crucial achievement for the consumers of the Indian Automobile Industry and will become a benchmark against which every Indian manufacturer will be measured against.

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