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THIS is how Cristiano Ronaldo spends time in lockdown – Orders £8.5 million Bugatti Centodieci!

There are people and then there's CR7. While carefully we buy groceries, he goes on to buy his £8.5 million grocery item.

Currently playing for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo’s extravagant lifestyle is stylishly lavish. He’s not your average rich sports star who’d just have a luxury yacht or a Gulfstream. Instead, he’d buy one and spend a few more to make it unique and ONE AND ONLY. He loves to spend on his toys and even more so on the one-offs. While we watch videos and movies on Netflix in quarantine, Ronaldo lives it – even when locked down in his native Madeira.

Reports claim that Cristiano Ronaldo has bought an £8.5 million Bugatti Centodieci. And it fits because if you look at his car collection, don’t be surprised if it’s bigger than your dream garage. The man has taste, especially the french taste of Bugatti. He already has the Chiron and the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. He has ‘CR7’ embroidered on the headrests of his other two Bugattis. (See what I meant)

Due to his exotic collection ranging from Rolls,Lambos, Ferraris, Bentleys, etc. it was in the open that he is not content with an ‘ordinary’ Chiron and is looking for a special edition model. So, when Bugatti came up with the $19 million Chiron La Voiture Noire, everyone thought that the secret owner of that one-off was Ronaldo.

Although, it was later cleared that it was purchased by VW’s former chairman and Porsche family descendant Ferdinand Piëch. So, it was either the Divo or the Centodieci that Ronaldo would want from Bugatti. For both the cars, you have to be special to buy them. Throwing money at Bugatti’s reception table can only get you a Chiron. This was not a problem for Ronaldo and considering the Centodieci was a rarer car, we think CR splashed out his cash at the right car. (And also cause it’s going up in value by A LOT)

What is the Centodieci?

The French car manufacturer is keeping tight-lipped on whether or not Ronaldo is one of the lucky buyers (obviously). But when Bild contacted Bugatti, they haven’t denied it directly either. This new model is a tribute to the legendary Bugatti EB110 – Centodieci being Italian for 110. Its design and aesthetics are all an inspiration from the legendary EB110 as well.







The Centodieci has the same mechanicals as the Chiron, with special models having 1600hp – some 100hp more than the Chiron. It can do 0-62mph in just 2.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 236mph. This new model will be delivered to its customers next year. As I said before, the car is 3 times the price of a normal Chiron – which in itself is pretty darn expensive. But, when you are Ronaldo, money isn’t really a limiting factor and Bugatti has always been the Hermes of auto motives so it’s more show than go!

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