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2 new models of Ferrari will be prancing towards us this year!

After having quite an active year with launches in 2019, this year Ferrari hopes to work on making sure that the models from 2019 are a success.

Ferrari has had quite the successful year with respect to launches in 2019, as they put out 5 new cars into the market, and for a high end sports brand like them, 5 new models being released in the same year is an achievement. The Roma, SF90 Stradale, F8 Tributo, F8 Spider and 812 GTS joined their stable last year, and this year, Ferrari intends on adding 2 new cars to this range.

Yes, it does seem that the number of cars being launched this year are less, but there is a reason to this. Ferrari’s commercial chief, Enrico Galliera in 2019 has told Autocar that, 2020 will be the year of consolidation. In the last 5 years, Ferrari has introduced 15 new cars, and they believe that in 2020, they would want to familiarise their customer base with this line up, and furthermore, they will work on making sure that these 15 cars remain relevant and a success in the market.

Enrico Galliera had spoken about these 2 new car launches pre covid 19, after that we have seen the Maranello and Modena plants being closed down temporarily. However, Ferrari is hopeful about production being resumed in the next 2 weeks, and if this does work for Ferrari, they could still manage to launch the 2 new models within 2020.

While talking about entering new segments, Galliera without giving much information added that Ferrari could enter any segment, but they would do so only if the sportiness of the car would remain intact. I agree, they are a sports automaker after all, it would be odd to hear about Ferrari launching a car devoid of the sports factor. One new segment which Ferrari are sure to enter is the SUV market, and the gladiator that will represent Ferrari in this segment is the Purosangue (an italian word which in English would mean thoroughbred).

So, which 2 new cars are being added to the stable of the prancing horse, one could be the SF90 Stradale Spider, and this seems certain as spy shots of the same have been taken, suggesting that Ferrari is working on it.

The second launch on the other hand is the one which has us relatively confused, but my gut feels that it could be a hybrid or an EV which would be placed under the SF90. Only time shall tell what this second model is, until then, Ferrari will be hoping that the Covid 19 crisis eases out, so that the people of their country could be safe, and eventually they would then open their plants.

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