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BMW 4 Series specs have been confirmed, and the numbers look good

BMW is nearly ready with the upcoming 4 Series, and even though we have not seen what it looks like (thanks to all the camoflauge), the specifications have been disclosed. It finally is a massive step up from the 3 series

BMW has recently published images of their newest sports car, the 4 Series , which has been snapped running about on a race track, and I am sure that this would have resulted in rubber being burnt and the circuit being filled with the echo of 4 Series doing some quick laps.

The 4 Series has been highly spoken about lately, especially after witnessing the 4 Series Concept last year, which was simply hideous thanks to the enormous grille. Coming to 2020, the 4 Series looks quite like the 3 Series, with the front and rear receiving a few design updates, but most importantly, the grille from 2019, seems to have been scrapped, and instead we have a more proportionally sized grille (I am so glad that they did not go through with the enlarged nostril like grille).

The 4 Series has been built to make for a sporty experience, and the numbers suggest the same as well. The upcoming 4 Series dimensionally, is 2.24 inches lower than the 3 Series and the centre of gravity of the vehicle is 0.8 closer to the road as well, making the car more aerodynamic. Furthermore, the new 4 Series is now wider on the rear, and it makes use of a new double-joint spring strut which improves the handling considerably.

The steering of the vehicle has also been tuned to increase responsiveness, and a new rear spoiler has been added as well, which reduces lift. With these updates, it seems that this new 4 Series will be more agile, quicker and attributes such as these would allow one to throw the car into a corner, and still come out it, in one piece, thanks to all these improvements.

Talking about powertrains, the 4 Series will sport an entry level variant called the 430i which will be powered by a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, producing 255 ps and 295 nm of torque, and this engine will be coupled with a smooth shifting 8 speed automatic. The range topping variant, M440i xDrive Coupe will be brought to life with a 3.0 litre V6 churning up a generous 374 ps, and this variant also utilises a 48V starter generator with a second battery.

This arrangement adds 11 ps to the total horsepower and also increased efficiency and in BMW’s words, the 4 Series would be capable of ‘lightning-fast-off-the-line getaways and in gear sprints’. The top end 4 Series also makes use of the 8 speed automatic transmission, and for the time being, it seems like a manual will not be offered.

Once the 4 Series makes its official debut in June this year, the convertible and Gran Coupe variants of the 4 Series will also be unveiled. Once released, the the 4 Series will be at loggerheads with Audi’s RS5 and the Mercedes Benz C63. All in all, we will have a M4, a gran coupe four door 4 Series, and an electric sedan based on the 4 Series (sans the obnoxious grille, hopefully).


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