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No need for self-driving cars? – A 5-year old sneaked his parents’ SUV to buy himself a Lamborghini

As dangerous as this was, the child's driving skills need to be applauded

At 5 years of age, I would have probably been watching the tele, complaining about school or probably learning to cycle. Point being, I was being a very basic form of the human child. Let me ask you a question though. How old were you wen you first learned to drive a 4-wheeler? I bet you couldn’t beat this kid. (Spoiler: He drove a car at age 5).

Meet Adrian Zamarippa. He is 5 years old and has done something, which will set him apart from any 5 year old child in the world. You can ask if he is human or not but, certainly this one could be the next Carroll Shelby! Adrian Zamarippa had been pleading to his mother, to buy him a Lamborghini, and naturally his mother had shot down this dream down. Ugh! How brutal it is when we realise how much out of the league a lambo really is.

However, this child was determined to make his dream come true, and while his sister was supposed to be watching him (she fell asleep), our little daredevil Adrian stole his parents Dodge Journey, and drove off. His plan was to drive from Utah (his home state), to California, from where he intended on buying the super car.

What is incredibly fascinating is, the fact that this 5 year old not only switched the SUV on, but he also managed to shift the gears, leave the driveway and reached the I-15 Southbound highway. While Adrian was supposedly heading to California, he had a full $3 in his pocket, with which he believed he could buy a Lamborghini. (Yeaup! You can aww!) In fact, here is the official video by the Utah Police:

However, his plan came to an early end, when an officer observed the Dodge which was being driven by Adrian, was driving at a speed of 30 mph and was not following lanes, and this made the officer stop the vehicle. The officer believed that he had probably stopped an intoxicated individual, but to his surprise he had stopped a 5 year old driving an SUV.

On being asked to stop, Adrian needed assistance from the officer on switching the gear to park, after which he was questioned. On explaining his story, the officer called his worried parents who quickly picked him up. Now, the local prosecutor of the state is considering to file charges against the family. As perilous as this act was, the 5 year old had not acted out to hurt anyone, and miraculously, he did not hurt or damage anyone or anything while driving away.

A fun fact is that for his plan to work, he would have had to drive for about 12 hours, and would surely need much more than $3 to buy the car of his dreams. In a twist ending, a Lamborghini owner, Jeremy Neeves felt that this child should at least get to live out a part of his dream, and he offered to drive him around in his Huracan.

Furthermore, a company from California has also called the Zamparippa family, enquiring if they could show the little troublemaker a few Lamborghinis. I do not advocate such dangerous acts, but a positive end like is very heartwarming to witness. In these times of crisis, how warm it is to read something so dangerous yet soothing at the same time.


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