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Porsche launches the 992 gen 911 Targa variant – It’s easy to miss what’s different in this one!

The Targa has been launched in the 4 and 4S. Though only the 4S will be available in a 7 speed manual transmission.

The first 911 Targa to grace our world was all the way back in 1965, during a more simpler time, and during this simple time, the Targa brought to the auto world a unique new feature, something which did not enhance the powertrain, but actually, this feature enhanced the driving experience.

The Targa was neither a saloon, nor a convertible, nor a hard top, it was the first of its kind with a removable folding roof and a fold down plastic rear window, basically it was the world’s first cabriolet with a roll bar. The people came to love the Targa, and originally this variant was offered only in the 911, but due to public acclaim, Porsche launched the Targa in the 914 and the Carrera GT. From 1965, we have seen many iterations of the Targa, and a few days back Porsche launched the 911 Targa, and it has surely done its ancestors proud.

The Targa and Targa 4S are the newest models to join the 992 generation 911s, and these 2 are easily my favorite 911 variants (yes, I can have 2 favourites). The Targa for me is nearly perfect in every way, it’s exteriors, interiors, the engine, or its roof which defines the Targa, in my mind, this is what a sports car should look like. What makes the Targa 4S even better is the fact that Porsche offers a 7 speed manual, at no extra cost, and the manual car drivers community (me included) are pleasantly surprised and glad that Porsche decided to do this.

Let’s talk about that roof again, much like the last generation Targa, the 2021 Targa makes use of an automatic system which rolls the roof right behind the rear seats. The Targo roll bar is originally available only in silver, but if you too much like Batman have a particular liking for the black colour, then that can be arranged.

The roof is made of 2 magnesium parts, and within the fabric of the roof, Porsche has placed sound deadening materials, so that the roaring of the engine and wind does not deafen you. In a time when Porsche is working hard to get faster and faster in terms of speed, the 2021 Targa’s roof takes 7 seconds more than the fabric roofed 911 Cabriolet. But there is no hate for this slow speed as the Targa’s powertrain is plenty fast, more on this later. The Targa is the kind of car which serves the purpose of a coupe in the form of a cabriolet.

As this both the vehicles are the Targa 4 and Targa 4S, it is understood that the car would be using an all-wheel drive system (relevance of the 4 in its name), and furthermore, the Targa siblings offer Porsche Traction Management and Wet Mode. These modes could be used by owners whilst driving on a racecourse with rain, albeit I feel the need to caution people before trying such things, only the very trained and skillful drivers can perfect driving on a racecourse with rain.

The Targa siblings make use of the same 3.0 litre V6 which has been seen on the 911 Carrera and Carrera S. The Targa 4 utilises this engine to produce a wholesome 379 hp with 331 pound feet of torque, while the Targa 4S with the same engine, makes 443 hp with 390 pound feet of torque.

Let’s compare them on the basis of how quickly they reach the 0-60 mph mark, naturally, the 4S gets there faster as it takes only 3.6 seconds. The Targa 4 gets to 60 mph mark in 4.2 seconds and by no means is the Targa 4 slow, it’s just that the Targa 4S is significantly faster. Both the vehicles employ an 8 speed dual clutch transmission BUT, a 7 speed gearbox can be ordered for the Targa 4S at no extra cost. There is a reason Porsche is known for being a driver’s car. It’s because they are keeping the real and enthusiast level sports cars alive.

A neat feature that can included as an option is the ‘Smartlift’ feature, by pressing which the vehicle nose will rise up, thereby protecting it from any obstructions which could hurt the front end or underbody of the car. Both the 4 and 4S are up for purchase, the Targa 4 is priced at £98,170 while the Targa 4S costs a pocket burning £109,725. On top of this, a special edition Targa is all set to join the Porsche range of cars by next month. The current Targa range of cars are quite special already, to imagine a even more special edition of the Targa gives me the chills (in a good way). I guess in a month we will find out what this ‘special’ edition Targa is capable of.


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