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Mercedes Benz officially teases the 2021 S-Class!

In the words of Daimler CEO Ola Källenius, the upcoming S Class is a 'technological tour de force.'

The Mercedes Benz S Class is almost a royalty among cars. So, naturally whenever it receives a face lift or an update, it automatically becomes the talk of the car town.

A few weeks back you may have come across a few leaked photos of the upcoming S Class which displays the new luxurious sedan from front to rear, and even the interiors as well. In my opinion the looks are polarizing but one thing is for sure, this vehicle is about to garner a lot of attention once it releases and hits the roads.

During the first episode of ‘Meet Mercedes Digital’ (an online communication portal set up by Mercedes to talk about upcoming products and businesses) Mercedes teased the S-Class with a picture of its front portion, and during this episode, the host and the guest provided a few details and features of the upcoming luxurious sedan.

‘Meet Mercedes Digital’ was hosted by Mercedes’ reporter Yasmine Blair, and the guest invited to the show was Daimler chief Ola Källenius. While they were conversing with each other, they came to talk about the S Class, and it was confirmed that the 2021 S-Class will debut in the second half of this year as initially planned, and its electric version will be launched as the EQS in 2021.


On looking at the front end of 2021 S Class thanks to the teaser, you are straightaway reminded of the new E-Class as the headlamps of the S Class looks a lot like that of the E-Class.The front fascia has a new grille with svelte headlamps on the side, and it does seem to have look much evolved in comparison to the previous W222 S-Class. From the spy photos it can also be said that this similarity is also observed on the tail end as the taillights of the S Class are akin to those of the 2021 E-Class. However the W223 S-Class has a sharper and more futuristic set of tail lights.

Being the CEO of Daimler, Ola Källenius had an opportunity to drive the pre-production version of the 2021 S-Class on the Autobahn, and in his opinion the vehicle had a “very serene and quiet ride.” Källenius also said, “the predecessor set the bar high but the new S-Class will be special.” Nothing less than the best is expected from the S-Class and I am glad that it seems to live up to the standards that it has set across the years.

On launch, the S Class will be available in different power trains varying from petrol, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and diesel AND a fully electric EQS will also join the 3 pointed star stable by 2021. A luxurious Mercedes electric sedan is possibly the only thing that can shake up this segment cause we know what Mercedes does when it comes to luxury and engineering. Maybe teach a lesson or two to Tesla about how minimalist interiors can also be a work of art. Plus, Mercedes has AMG and thinking about an AMG EQS is putting me under a lot of G-force.

Mercedes-Benz EQS Prototyp auf Erprobungsfahrt Source:

Manufacturing of the all new S-Class will begin in the month of September, and the production will be taking place in Factory 56, Sindelfingen which is referred to as the ‘most modern plant’. I reckon it makes sense, as the most modern plant ought to be used for the most modern luxury sedan.

When will India see the 2021 S-Class being launched here, well, when Santosh Iyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Benz India, spoke with Autocar during a #LiveWithAutocar session on Instagram, he said that the W223 S-Class will arrive on our shores only during the second half of 2021. With the XJL receiving a facelift as well, things in the opulent luxurious segment of sedans is going to get very competitive.


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