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BMW launches the X7 M50d in India at ₹1.63 crore

The M50d X7 is equipped with the 'M' Sports package which includes a some performance oriented features and a few sporty cosmetic updates

BMW has been quiet about the new trims that they have launched for the X7 in India. Without creating much of a hubbub around it, BMW has introduced the M50d variant on the luxobarge X7. The earlier variants of the X7 felt extremely plush and upmarket, the M50d will carry forward those niceties, but because it is an ‘M’ variant vehicle, it will add some serious performance upgrades as well.

The X7 is offered in variants such as the, xDrive30d, xDrive30d DPE Signature, xDrive40i and now M50d (do read- BMW’s covert launch for India is the cheaper variant of the X7 ). They all seem to share the 3.0 litre, V6 engine, but when a BMW vehicle sports the ‘M’ tag you can always expect it to be a tad bit more special. The 3.0 litre quad turbo diesel engine used on the M50d provides a few extra horses, giving it a total of 400ps and 760 nm of torque. This engine is mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission. The ones buying this trim would surely be speed enthusiasts, and I bring news for them, the X7 M50d can sprint from 0-100 in just 5.4 seconds.

The changes are not restricted to the powertrain only, there are a few cosmetic updates and a few other upgrades as well. The new additions are, a sportier front fascia and rear side, 22 inch M line alloy wheels with a magnificent set of blue callipers and widely positioned dual exhausts. Furthermore, the exteriors also sport BMW’s laserlight headlamps and a panoramic sunroof.

On the inside, the cabin is very BMW like and that is a very good thing, the interiors are very neatly placed, with generous amounts of leather and soft touch materials. The cabin is further enhanced by the 12.3-inch infotainment system (supports Apple CarPlay), ambient lightning, very comfortable rows of seats with ‘Merino’ leather upholstery, usage of crafted clarity glass (which looks especially brilliant on the gear selector), wireless charging, a 5 zone climate control system and many more features.

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Now that the X7 M50d has finally hit the Indian markets, it will be taking on the other SUVs of its stature, such as the Lexus LX, Mercedes Benz GLS (which should be introduced in India on the 17th of this month) and the Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography.

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