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Mercedes unveils the 2021 AMG E63

After a series of teasers and spy-shots the E63 AMG and E63 S has finally been revealed in all its skin, we also now have access to what powers this speed-demon

Purebred sports cars are expected to be fast and look hot, but the real challenge according to me is to take a family sized sedan and convert that into a performance sedan. Mercedes has yet again made one such car which can be used to ferry the family with the local purchases, and you can do this while sprinting from one end of the town to another in no time (provided you drive carefully).

The covers have finally been lifted off of the AMG E63, for the designing bit, it has been built on the lines of the recently facelifted E Class. The design cues may be from the new E Class, but this is a performance oriented sedan because of which, it has received a few sporty changes.

The updated exteriors of the AMG E63 and the AMG E63 S

The E63 AMG sports a larger grille, an integrated diffuser which houses the exquisite quad exhausts. Furthermore, according to Mercedes, the headlights have become a tad bit sleeker and the wheel arches are now wider which raises the performance and aerodynamics of the car. On the rear end, the taillights are more slender than they are on the facelifted E Class, and the AMG sedan rides on 19 inch wheels as standard. This makes up for most of the cosmetic updates the E63 AMG has received.

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The AMG E63 S on the other hand naturally looks a lot like the AMG E63 with a few tweaks, such as, the front fascia houses the bigger side vents and a longer vent which runs from the grille to the lower vent. The rear also look nearly identical to the E63 AMG, with singular differences like that of a spoiler on the boot, and instead of the oval exhaust tips of the E63, the E63 S uses trapezoidal shaped ones. A few other changes include the 20 inch wheel which are issued as standard on the E63S and it also has 3 new colors, namely, Graphite Grey metallic, Cirrus Silver metallic, and Brilliant Blue magno.

The updated interiors of the AMG E63 and the AMG E63 S

As for the cabin of the vehicle, much like the traditional facelifted E-Class, this sporty sedan also uses the MBUX infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster. The major upgrade on the inside is in the form of the twin-spoke AMG Performance steering wheel which has been equipped with haptic feedback. Behind this wheel is the large aluminium paddle shifters.

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The interiors of the AMG E63 S is a lot like that of the AMG E63. The twin-spoke AMG Performance steering wheel of the E63 S has a few options, it can be had with a heated feature (as standard) and as an option, it can be wrapped in leather, Dinamica microfiber, or a combination of the 2.

The mechanicals of the AMG E63 and AMG E63 S

The updated looks on the inside and outside is for plain cosmetic reasons, the powertrain on the other hand, now that is what defines these sedans. The E63 continues to make use of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 which produces 603 ps and 850Nm of torque, and this engine is coupled to a 9 speed automatic transmission. What further makes the driving experience even better is that the vehicle uses an All-Wheel-Drive set up.

The AMG E63 S also makes use of a twin turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 which 850 nm of torque as well, and it also utilises a 9 speed DCT. The performance oriented sedan can run down 0-100 in just 3.3 seconds. The well acclaimed AMG Dynamic Select system is said to have been tweaked, and is offered as standard on the vehicle.

Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Limousine (Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 11,6 l/100 km, CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 267 g/km), 2020, Outdoor, Vorderansicht, Detail, Exterieur: Hightechsilber metallic // Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Sedan (combined fuel consumption: 11,6 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 267 g/km), 2020, Outdoor, front, Detail, exterior: Hightechsilver metallic

The E63 was up for sale in the Indian market in the top spec S trim, and we expect this facelifted version to land on our shores as well. However, we can expect it to launch here after quite some time, as the Coronavirus has proved to make life difficult for the auto industry. On launch the E63/E63 S will take on the updated BMW M5 CS.


While we are talking about these fantastic speedy vehicles, another development about the S-Class has come to our notice. A few weeks back, Mercedes Benz teased the 2021 S-Class

but apart from the looks, no other information had been revealed. However, Jurgen Weissinger, the Mercedes’ Head of Development has confirmed that the new generation S-Class will debut this year, in September. Furthermore, he also said that the S-Class will be offered in rear wheel drive and All-Wheel-Drive options. It seems that the V12 will be used in the AWD variant, but this would be exclusive to the Maybach.

This will be the first time the S-Class has been clubbed in with a V12 and 4Matic system together. As for the AMG S65, it won’t see the light of day anymore as it has been discontinued. The S-Class is believed to provide wheelbase options such as, standard, long, and extra long (much like a Subway sandwich). This S-Class would be launched with Level 3 autonomous driving assists, and rumours suggest that after a few months this autonomous level will be upgraded to Level 4.


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