Tesla to conduct a ‘cross country’ drive with the Cybertruck later this year, says Musk

The polarising Cybertruck has been unveiled in the public only once, by doing so, the Cybertruck will garner even more attention

Tesla CEO Elon Musk via twitter announced a cross-country drive which will be completed by their upcoming and highly talked about Cybertruck. Elon said, “ Sure, we will aim to do a cross-country drive with Cybertruck later this year.” Not many people have had the opportunity to view the Cybertruck, with most people only seeing it digitally (me included). The almost alien suv has been displayed in the public only once, which was at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

The Cybertruck as a vehicle has a lot of divided opinions, and the launch event didn’t help their cause, especially after the ‘window strength fail’. However, by conducting this cross country drive, the vehicle would be seen by people in its very real form, thereby allowing them to maybe form a new opinion about it, probably a positive one. The styling and design of the vehicle is quite difficult to take in, I agree, but I for one have warmed up to it, and cannot wait for the launch of the vehicle. At this point, the Cybertruck has already secured an apparent 650,000 pre-orders for the goliath sized electric suv, so things seem to be going well for the vehicle already. In the coming weeks we would probably know more about this cross country drive.

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