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Suzuki Jimny will not be sold in many European countries? – India launch in 2021

With the rising standards of emission norms which will come into effect in 2021, the Jimny will cease to exist in many countries in the European continent.

The much loved pocket off-roader Suzuki Jimny may find it difficult to remain relevant once 2021 is upon us. Yes, as stricter emissions norms will be put in place in many countries, the Jimny will find it hard to survive. The shattering sound you just heard was my heartbreak! That being said, Suzuki too has a plan to deal with, do read on to find out.

Being withdrawn from European markets

The Suzuki Jimny’s expected exit from European markets is caused primarily due to inability to adapt to the rising standards of emission norms. As per the EU legislation, new vehicles from 2021, must have a maximum emission standard of 95g of CO2/km.

How does the Jimny fare against this standard, well, it is powered by a 1.5 litre petrol K15B engine which is available as 5 speed manual or 6 speed automatic. In these avatars, the C02 release level of the Jimny is significantly higher, more accurately, it sits at 154 g/km or 170g/km, the difference being caused due to the different transmission trim. If Suzuki wants to continue selling the Jimny in the UK, they would have to find a way (legal way, I am looking at you Volkswagen) to drop the CO2 emission level.

If this is the case with the Jimny, what about the other Suzuki vehicles ?

In order to adhere to this change in emission standards, Suzuki introduced mild-hybrid petrol engines for the SUVs like the Vitara and S-Cross and the Swift, Swift Sport and Ignis hatchbacks. The SUVs and Swift Sport utilise a 48V system while the budget Ignis and Swift make use of a simple 12V system. Thanks to these hybrid systems, Suzuki is able to boost economy by 15% and the release of CO2 is dropped by almost 25%.

Could Suzuki use such a hybrid system or do they have different plans for the Jimny in the future ?

While the Jimny may be withdrawn from the UK markets, it is expected to get back by the second half of 2021 in the form of a N1 commercial vehicle. What does that mean, it means the Jimny will be brought back without the rear seats, and with a few updates. However, it could continue to use the same 1.5 litre petrol K15B engine, the difference now being, N1 commercial vehicles do not need to adhere to the 95g CO2/km cap.

What about the Jimny being launched in India ?

The Jimny is coming to India, yes, but initially, it will only be built in for exports. By 2021 however, a 5 door variant of the Jimny could be made in India. Covid 19 may play spoilsport and further delay the launch of a vehicle which many many Indian fans are so desperately waiting for.

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