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Worldwide debut of the Toyota Corolla Cross

This offspring of the Corolla and RAV4 is being prepped for launch in the ASEAN markets only. It is also a vehicle we didn't think we needed but the SUV trend has pushed upon us.

‘Corollo meets SUV’ is the phrase Toyota is using to describe the new Corolla Cross. And as disturbing as it is for us enthusiasts, it is a pretty apt and phrase to use. Both literally and to get sales figures up. The Corolla sedan in itself is an incredibly successful vehicle. With the world moving to crossovers and SUVs, an introduction of a cross format sedan could bring in good results.

The vehicle seems to have been built with an idea to have the poise and trust of the Corolla sedan, and the ability to take take on off-road adventures thanks to the cross-platform. With those 2 aspects and the Toyota badge, all they need to do is price the vehicle and right, and success might just be assured.

A closer look at the Corolla Cross

The Toyota Corolla Cross is built on the TNGA platform and it will be seen sharing engines with the different Toyota range of vehicles. In terms of size, the vehicle is a tad bit longer than the C-HR with measurement figures standing at, a length of 4,460mm, width of 1,825mm, and 1,620 mm in height. While being longer than the C-HR, the Corolla Cross is shorter than the RAV4. Once released, we could expect it to be placed under the C-HR,

forming its own segment within Toyota as a compact suv-cross vehicle. In my opinion, it really does look like a baby RAV4.

From the outside, the vehicle sports an aggressive design which is particularly accentuated by the black grille on the front fascia. On the 2 horizontal sides of the grille are positioned the headlamps with an eyebrow styled DRLs. The front and rear end use blackened bumpers, roof rails on the top, a shark-fin antenna and stylish looking wheel alloys. By using the TNGA platform, Toyota has assured us that the Corolla Cross would be able to provide smooth driving dynamics, a roomy cabin with easy ingress and egress.

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As for the inside, the vehicle seems to be share many components with the recently revealed Suzuki ACross SUV. A singular coloured theme for the upholstery followed by a large free-standing infotainment display are the 2 currently confirmed prime features of the Corolla Cross.

Heading to what powers the Corolla Cross, two engine options may be provided, a 1.8 litre 2ZR-FBE petrol engine which produces 140 ps and 175 nm of torque, while being mated to a CVT transmission. The other engine is a hybrid petrol-electric 1.8 litre engine which makes 98 ps from the electric motor, the ICE system on the other hand is good enough for 72 ps. Coupled to this trim would be Toyota’s e-CVT gearbox.

Will the Corolla Cross make it to India ?

The Corolla Cross is originally supposed to be launched in the ASEAN countries and European markets as well. However, no confirmed news suggests that it could be brought to India. Toyota’s launch agenda current comprises of the Urban Cruiser which is a compact SUV.

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Chief Engineer in charge of development, Daizo Kameyama said, “Now that the Corolla Cross has newly joined the Corolla family, we sincerely hope that our customers will warmly welcome the vehicle to become part of their families: just like their partners, siblings or even friends. We wish that the Corolla Cross could assist customers in creating a new story by loading on their vehicle the people who are important to them, the luggage, and dreams for the future.”

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