The Bentley Bentayga 2021 4-seat version is the ‘ultimate luxury SUV’ in terms of rear cabin space

The 2021 updated 4-seater is said to be 'the limousine of SUVs' with more space and features than ever before

The Bentayga has always been an epitome of luxury and grandeur. Bentley will be building on the triumphant 1st generation where 20% of the cars( 4,000 units) had the 4-seat comfort configuration. The new 4-seater will provide for more space and brand new content all wrapped up in a carefully detailed design. With the various additional upgrades, Bentley believes this version is the ‘ultimate luxury SUV’ when taking the rear cabin into account. I guess there’s no reason to desperately call “shotgun” for the front seats now.

How’s it going back there?

Though there are 3 different configurations (4-seats, 5-seats and 7-seats), all eyes are on the 4-seat ‘comfort’ configuration. Owing to the success of the 1st generation version, Bentley decided to throw in some more space for the new version’s rear cabin. This includes a maximum recline of 40° (previously 32°) and relocation of the backboard that seperates the cabin and boot space. The backboard is leather trimmed and seats an elegant diamond quilted ski hatch.This delivers a 100mm increase in leg room compared to the previous gen. Oh, did I mention? The forward-backward travel of the seats has also been extended by 35mm. May seem like a small fraction but personally speaking (as a person with long legs) trust me, it makes a difference.

All the seats in the new Bentayga are being redesigned and sculpted (with focus on the shoulder area) to provide greater comfort for the passenger. The 4-seat comfort spec equips the rear with seat ventilation, 6 different massage programs, a winged comfort headrest and the standard seat heating. Customers can also opt for the Mulliner console bottle cooler that has the capacity for  a 750ml bottle and two handcrafted ‘Cumbria Crystal Flutes’.

Right in between these comfy seats lies the centre console with additional stowage space and two usb charging sockets. The rear passengers can also fiddle around with a 5-inch touch screen display, for remotely controlling the sunroof, mood-lighting, media system and of course, the massage and heating settings. The new remote control is adapted from the latest Flying Spur and runs on a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM of its own.

In conclusion, the 4-seat comfort makes you feel like you’re a richie-rich while being chauffeured around town. The marque is also yet to unveil its hybrid product sometime soon.

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