Nissan Z Proto fully revealed, comes with nostalgic styling and a twin-turbo engine

The successor to the Nissan 370Z has been revealed in an early form

Nissan’s legendary Z sportscar is getting a new generation soon, to replace the archaic 370Z. And so the Japanese carmaker has just revealed an early prototype version of the next Z, as the Nissan Z Proto, and it is a nostalgic trip.

The Proto means that the car is probably not going to be the exact same when it goes into production, but looking at how things generally go with Nissan, you can expect the car to be very similar.

Looking at Nissan’s Z Proto is similar to listening to Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits, it’s an amalgamation of all the good both have had to offer through the years, and you can’t hate either. The front of the car immediately reminds you of the Fairlady (240)Z with it’s oval-ish headlights, and sharp front end, while the square grill is reminiscent of the recent Z cars, the 350Z and the 370Z.

The long bonnet and the signature roofline really drive home the point that it is a Nissan Z car, and as you look down towards the B pillar, you see a chrome strip following the roof all the way down to the end of the pillar. It really is rather a tasteful retro touch. There is also a Nissan Z badge behind the window kink, as you’d expect, But perhaps the most beautiful view of the car is from the rear and rear three-quarters. The taillight design integrated in this black bar that stretches across the rear end pays respect to its granddaddy, the 300ZX, in the most glamourous fashion, oh and did I tell you it has Dual exhaust pipes?

Overall, it is a tasteful homage to some really iconic previous-gen Z cars, tastefully complemented by a carbon fibre splitter, diffuser, and side skirts, peaking through the car’s exterior as a reminder of its modern capabilities.

Step inside and you’re greeted by the “deep dish” three-spoke steering wheel wearing the “Z” logo and sporting multiple controls on either side. There are also two screens, a 12.3inch one in the gauge cluster, and another one in the middle for the infotainment system, which is speculated to be a 9-inch unit.

Look around the next thing you’ll notice is a proper old school gear selector, how lovely, and three dials atop the dash in a rather retro fashion.

The beast powering this Nissan is a twin-turbo V6. Since it is still a concept, power and torque figures are not clear as of yet. All that unknown power will be put down by the Rear Wheels, and apart from the Manual, Nissan says that an automatic is also in development.

Since it is a “Proto” model, it is not for sale but fret not, the production version is expected to show up later next year as a 2022 model. More details regarding power output, torque figures, and more importantly price will be revealed as we approach the unveiling of the production model, but it is speculated to start around $40,000, undercutting its Germen, erm, Japanese rival, the Toyota Supra.

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