Tesla Updates Its Model S With New Interiors And A Plaid+ Variant

520-Miles Of Range, Rectangular Steering Wheel, No 'PRND'

A quick throwback to the year 2012. Tesla, Inc. decided to launch an EV called the ‘Model S’. Nearly nine years later, the Model S is still going strong, and it should, too, as it was the car responsible for bringing Tesla into the limelight. Then, as an ode to the vehicle, Tesla has updated (at last) the Model S and how!

A new look and a Plaid+ variant capable of producing 520-miles of range, 0-60 mph under two seconds, a top speed of over 200 mph, and an 8-second quarter-mile, these are the benefits one can reap if he/she chooses to buy the Plaid+ model. And although Tesla hasn’t confirmed the specs, it still claims the Model S to be the “fastest accelerating production car ever made.”

The futuristic-magic begins on the inside! 

The vertical tablet-style layout found in the current Model S and Model X is now gone, it is replaced by a 17.0-inch portrait display that looks similar to the Model 3 and Model Y. Tesla says the resolution is vastly improved to 2200×1300 with brighter colors and improved responsiveness.

A rectangular steering wheel (cut from the top; good luck trying to park it) has touch-sensitive buttons along with a couple of scroll wheels. Revised dashboard which is much more upright adopts the vent-less HVAC system first included on the Model 3, along with larger sections of wood trim to complete the new look on the inside.

One more touchscreen display is placed on the back of the center console for the passengers sat in the rear but is still unclear as to what function it might work for.

How does it look on the outside?

Well, for starters, one can immediately identify the new Model S to look like the previous Model S. Funny. But, look closely and you can see the lower portion of the front bumper has undergone some rework, with some new wheel design also making the cut. In total, the new design seems to be a lot sportier than before. Enter the Plaid+ model.

Range & Power 

Model S and X each will have a new trim level. The dual-motor Long Range variant remains the base model for both vehicles, but the upgraded Performance trim is replaced by the Plaid variant. As talked about earlier, the Plaid+ is coming later in the year featuring new battery cells that are part of the vehicle’s structure. It will boast over 1,100hp, 520-miles of range, 0-60mph in under 1.99 seconds. Fast and efficient.


All the Model S variants will receive updated powertrains, battery packs, battery modules, and drive units. The dual-motor Model S Long Range will be available in March with a 412-mile range (10 miles more than the Long Range Plus) and start around $79,990. The 390-mile Plaid model will cost $119,000, while the Plaid+ variant will sell for $139,990.

Throw $10,000 more, and you can make full use of Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving Capability,” which features Autopark to compensate for any drawbacks using a slim rectangle to steer the car. Clever thinking?

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