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The Jaguar C-Type Lives, Again

Once a beauty, always a beauty!

The E-Type was a beautiful car (it still is), but long before it got introduced to the world, there was a car named the ‘C-Type’. This year, the car that succeeded at the 1953 edition of Le Mans, will be 70 years younger, as they say. To commemorate the massive feat, Jaguar has decided to bring the Classic C-Type back to life.

A limited number of hand-built C-Types will be produced, with customers being able to customize their car via a new online configurator – a luxury that an original C-Type customer wouldn’t enjoy back in 1953. God bless the 21st Century!

This will make it the first time that the motorsport fans can enjoy owning the sensation and historic 1953 works C-Type from Jag. A total of eight C-Types will be built before a celebration event is planned for their owners next year.

The remastered C-Type will be powered by a 3.4L inline-six motor producing 220hp. This setup employs triple Weber 40DCO3 carburetors, while the Jag will also use disc brakes. Should the customer wishes, a Harness Retention System that meets FIA’s requirements can also be equipped. Using the online configurator, customers will be able to choose from colors like Carmen Red, Cream, Pastel Green, and Pastel Blue.

The Classic department of Jaguar says that the continuation C-Types “will be eligible for historic racing, track, and closed-road use.” Using the latest-tech, engineers will be able to create a new C-Type that is as faithful to the original design as possible. Buyers, get your cheques ready!

This C-Type continuation program follows Jaguar Classic’s announcement from last year to produce six examples of the ever-so-charming E-Type to celebrate the model’s 60th anniversary, which will be done so this year. Similarly, Jaguar plans to build heritage editions of its F-Type R to pay ode to the E-Type.

Although as of now, the focus is entirely on reviving the C-Type and making it look as authentic and similar to the original version as possible. “The C-Type laid the foundations for Jaguar’s success in endurance racing and is synonymous with design and engineering innovation,” said Dan Pink, Director, Jaguar Classic.

He added that the company is proud “to reintroduce this legendary car for a new generation of enthusiasts to enjoy.”

It’s important to understand that the C-Type wasn’t known only for its Le Mans achievements, but was appreciated for its low, aerodynamic body. Further, it was this car that accelerated the adoption of disc-brakes in the motorsport world, as its braking system was made by Dunlop and Jaguar.

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