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McLaren Artura to be revealed next week

Woking's future is looking inviting and racy, to say the least. And I don't mean it because of Lando and Daniel teaming up.

A new era awaits for McLaren as on the 17th of February, the British automotive manufacturer reveals its latest project, the Artura in a “spectacular showcase” hosted at McLaren’s headquarters in Woking, England. The reveal event will be streamed live online so, don’t be late!

The latest teaser shows the Artura’s seriously-good side profile with taking some design cues from the sensational 720S for both, the front and the rear. The headlights are said to have mirrored the 720S, while the set of taillights are borrowed from the McLaren GT.

McLaren has labeled its upcoming supercar a ‘High-Performance Hybrid’ which will serve as the replacement for the marque’s Sports Series lineup, which includes the 570S, 570GT, and the 600LT. It would then mean that the Artura will be slotted between the GT and the 720S.

From what the company describes, the next-generation supercar from Woking will arrive with a hybrid powertrain and an all-new V6 motor, specially developed for the Ferrari-V6-hybrid rival.

McLaren boss Mike Flewitt said: “Every element of the Artura is all-new – from the platform architecture and every part of the High-Performance Hybrid powertrain to the exterior body, interior and cutting-edge driver interface – but it draws on decades of McLaren experience in pioneering super-lightweight race and road car technologies to bring all of our expertise in electrification to the supercar class.”

McLaren wishes to keep the power outputs a secret until the car is revealed in all of its glory but judging by what was previously offered in the 570S, the Artura should be significantly more powerful. A new twin-turbo V6 combined with the hybrid tech should mean more than 600hp is available on tap.

Sitting comfortably on McLaren’s Carbon Lightweight Architecture, the Artura is expected to “deliver outstanding levels of thrilling performance, driver engagement, and efficiency.” We find out more about the upcoming hybrid supercar in a week. Stay tuned!

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