Confirmed! GMC Hummer EV to be revealed on April 3rd

Note: There is a Hummer EV pickup and a Hummer EV SUV.

Attention all Hummer lovers! The all-new fully-electric Hummer SUV is set to be revealed on the evening of April 3 via a live stream on GMC’s website as the automaker itself, confirms the same. Moreover, interested buyers can also opt for placing reservations there and then.

Important to understand that GMC is not ready, to begin with the Hummer pickup’s production before fall this year and so, it more-or-less means that the SUV won’t enter production before next year. Also, it is only sane to expect the final design of the SUV to mirror the pickup.

A multimedia infotainment system bigger than a laptop. If this is the future, I’m not ready for it!

In terms of power, up to 1,000hp from a three-motor setup along with a range of over 350 miles made possible by GM’s new Ultium modular EV platform and battery tech.

The automaker is already testing the prototypes for the pickup, especially using the winter weather to adjust the performance in nearly-zero temperatures. One of the many goals includes ensuring an appropriate amount of traction on the slippery surfaces considering the hooligan levels of torque that will be sent to the wheels.

So, in a world of firsts, the Hummer will not not drink a million gallon of fuel anymore.

GM has also planned a strategy for the Hummer EV at launch – the special Launch Edition will be introduced first, followed by the regular Hummer EV3X (tri-motor) a year later, with the more-affordable versions in EV2X and EV2 debuting in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

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