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Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered Nexo gets a Type approval from the Indian government

Both, the carmaker and the Indian authorities, are looking forward to the alternate sources of energy.

Hyundai launched its all-electric SUV, the Kona, for the Indian market back in 2019. It knew that it would not become a huge success owing to the price it was offered at. A couple of years later, it seems that the South Korean automaker wants to adapt to a new kind of challenge – this is where the Nexo enters the frame. A hope to re-invent their EV market because that my friends, is the future.

Dubbed as the “Ultimate Eco-Friendly Mobility Solution”, the Nexo has already received approval from a Government Ministry as a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle. Though the official launch date is still a mystery, reports doing the media states it to be by near the end of this year.

Taillights remind you of the Mini Countryman, no? I bet you can’t unsee it now!

To get you on the same page, let me tell you what powers the Nexo – a 95kW fuel cell mated to a 40kW battery making 161bhp and 395Nm of torque. Additionally, the Crossover SUV has three hydrogen tanks with a combined capacity of 156.6L, enough for a 666km range when full, as per the WLTP cycle.

In the global markets, the Nexo gets multiple autonomous driving assists such as a new-gen blind-spot monitor, highway driving assist system, lane following assist to name a few. It also has a feature of remote parking. On the inside, it has ‘vegan’ leather seats and floor mats made of cane sugar-derived eco fibers.

Once launched, in a market now filled up almost entirely with Crossover SUVs, the Nexo will stand alone as there are no other Hydrogen-powered vehicles made or sold in India. As for its pricing, given the tech it boasts, expect it to cost more on the premium side, and with the Indian taxing scenario, the damage done on your wallet might just increase.

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