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The 2022 Nissan 400Z has arrived earlier than expected!

Well, at least its leaked images have. Ha! Gotcha.

As reported by us a couple of months ago, the Nissan 400Z, the spiritual successor to the hugely-successful 370Z, had been undergoing testing since late-2019 and was being spied here-and-there every time it left the Nissan plant. For all the right reasons, too. The 400Z is an important model for Nissan and as such, many wanted to break the internet with their first spy-shots. One person on Instagram has done just that, but only bigger!

An Instagram user posted images and videos which clearly show the production-spec 2022 Nissan 400Z being unloaded after shipping. The car shown in the images is similar to the 400Z prototypes we’ve been drooling over the past few months so, hurray!

Although to differentiate the production-guise from its prototype, there are now side-marker lights on the quarter panels and inside the headlight housing. Similarly, the 400Z here has a deck-lid spoiler, something that wasn’t present on the prototype. Additionally, the silver highlights on the grille are…brighter. Why no black?

To make matters weird for a minute or two, the badges on the exterior are taped over. However, for obvious reasons, there would be a Nissan, Z, 400Z emblem, like on the 400Z Concept. To those who need a little reminder, the motive behind the 400Z name is that it’ll have a twin-turbo V6 motor capable of producing 400hp-ish power output.

Moving on, the leaked images also give us a look at the interior which shows an all-digital instrument cluster, a steering wheel that looks sporty and has been neatly designed. More on this, we get to see an automatic ‘box gear selector that is quite small but again, there will also be a manual on offer so, space should be adequate.

Due to the limited time-frame and luck, the interior can’t be revealed in its full-glory but what we can still say is that it is similar to what the 400Z Concept promised us. It is only a matter of few months, well technically, the 2022 Nissan 400Z arrives by the end of this year, before we see the car with our eyes and drool even more.

Toyota Supra, the 400Z is coming, and it is coming at you with better looks, better personality, and better fanbase.

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