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Production of the F-150 Raptor halts due to global chip shortage!

It was already frustrating when scalpers and miners affected the PC market but now auto-motives? UNACCEPTABLE!

Ford Motor Company is on the verge of revealing the all-electric F-150 as well as a hooligan Raptor R variant for its best-selling vehicle but disaster has struck Michigan again – due to a global semiconductor chip shortage, Ford is now left with only one solution: suspend the production of the F-150 Raptor until further notice.

Well, this isn’t as serious as you may think, but it still is, a big blow for The Blue Oval. The Dearborn, Michigan F-150 plant will enter a complete shutdown for two weeks starting Monday, April 5.

The company has also confirmed that five other North American plants are suffering from the same problem, including the Kansas City Assembly Plant where the F-150s are built, and the Chicago Assembly Plant, home to the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

The semiconductor chips are responsible for controlling critical vehicle systems like navigation and Bluetooth, to even the windshield wipers. It is important to add that the shortage began last year owing to you-know-what, and many automakers were forced to shut shops as a result.

The precise financial damage from the global shortage is yet to be known, but Ford says “it will provide an update on the financial impact of the semiconductor shortage” during its first-quarter earnings report on April 28. We can simply sit back and pray that the issue doesn’t grow further.

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