Upcoming Ferrari 812 Versione Speciale might be baptized as the 812 Imola.

Ferrari planning to honour the Imola race circuit by naming the 812 Special version after it. And I'd love to see this happen. How cool would it be to tell everyone that you drove a Ferrai Imola around Imola!

Naming babies are no easy job, and I must tell you cars are no different in this case. Since we have heard that Ferrari’s going to launch a new version of its 812 Superfast, the guessing game began for the Ferrari fans and auto enthusiasts. Now multiple reports suggest that the new member of the Italian automaker may be baptized as Ferrari 812 Imola and the ceremony is expected to be scheduled for either April end or early May.

While the Imola Circuit is prepping up to host the upcoming Grand Prix weekend for its second leg, Ferrari is busy planning the perfect tribute party to this 67-year-old race track. Ever since Ferrari teased its fans with a video on Enzo Ferrari’s birthday (February 18) saying that the new model will debut soon, the speculation game has been on fire.

Reports suggest that Ferrari is giving its sublime naturally-aspirated V12 engine a special sendoff with a new hardcore version of the 812 Superfast. The new 812 Superfast variant was expected to be called the 812 GTO before Ferrari’s chief marketing officer, Enrico Galliera, referred to the car as the 812 Versione Speciale, which is Italian for 812 Special Version.

The 812 Superfast’s ‘Versione Speciale’ was first speculated back in June of 2020 when a black test car was captured on Ferrari’s Fiorano race track. Since then, the media has occasionally seen similar prototypes of the new car. The last test mule was spotted around March 22nd. Apparently, under the camouflage coverings, there was a complete production body. And if further rumours are to be believed Marcel Massini claims the new Italian Supercar will most probably get introduced to the world on May 5th (Going by Massini’s repo, this information can be trusted).

Coming back to the name, there have been multiple speculations going on in the FerrariChat. While the majority is in favour that the new 812 may wear a VS badge taken directly from the February 18 announcement and the car will be called the Versione Speciale. Some believe that it will have the legendary GTO designation, which may be fitting as it may be the last of all Ferraris with a naturally aspirated front V12 engine. Plus, it will be the most powerful, so these three iconic letters will definitely work.

While others believe a return of the Daytona name is on the cards. And then there are speculations that suggest it might get the name of the legendry racetrack Imola. 

Naming the most hardcore, track-focused version of the 812 Superfast after a race track makes a lot of sense, but there is also a lot of evidence supporting this theory. According to the forum, Ferrari registered a domain name for “” in Italy back in June 2020 in preparation for the car’s reveal. The 812 Imola is also expected to debut just a few days after the Italian Grand Prix, which is held at the Imola circuit.

Allegedly, coupe and spider versions of the 812 Imola will be revealed at the same time, with production capped at 1,200 units combined.

Talking about the power, the upcoming 812 variant the same naturally-aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine. The engine is supposed to have an upgraded output of 850 horsepower which could be able up to 9,000 rpm. Spotted test mules have revealed that the new supercar will have more aggressive aero, including a vented roof replacing the rear glass, a larger rear diffuser and a new hood intake. Inevitably, these enhancements will increase the price of the 812 Imola.

Nonetheless, the combination with the 812 of the Imola circuit, the Enzo and Dino Ferrari, resumes a tradition of symbolic tracks for Ferrari represented in road models. From the 599 GTB Fiorano to the recent SP1 and SP2 Monza. Should the presentation date be confirmed, April 21, it would bring back to 1963, when for the first time Formula 1 raced on the track on the banks of the Santerno, then a race not titled for the world championship and won by Jim Clark.

If the rumoured launch date is true, we’ll most likely start seeing some teasers from Ferrari in the coming days. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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