Bentley’s Continental GT Speed has its most advanced chassis!

On the all-new Continental GT Speed & Convertible, you can have a go at a highly advanced chassis with four new technologies.

The all-new Continental GT Speed and Convertible are, without a doubt the pinnacle of performance grand touring. So, I think Jezza would like the Bentley even more. Though I have my doubts about him liking the taillights but, that discussion for another day. For now, let’s talk about the capabilities of the new chassis that combines dynamic performance and luxurious ride comfort.

Largest car brakes in the world

The all-new carbon-ceramic braking system sports 440mm diameter front discs coupled with new, 10-piston calipers, thus making these brakes not only the biggest to be ever fitted on a Bentley, but also the largest car brake in the world. The latest gen of carbon-ceramic brakes has been designed to provide class-leading braking performance while also being friendly to the environment.

The new brakes offer 33kgs in weight-saving and, as a result, results in more responsive handling. Additionally, the new carbon-ceramic braking system achieved levels of braking performance never previously registered by a Bentley after they were extensively tested at the Nürburgring.

Variable Electronic Stability Control

This new ESC tech gives drivers an experience of an even greater level of freedom before being intervened by the car’s safety systems. When it is switched on, the car provides stability over uneven surfaces. When the Dynamic Mode is engaged, the ESC system allows the driver to choose their personalized settings and tailor the cornering ability according to themselves. Clever eh!

When the ESC is switched off, this is where the true pace of the GT Speed and Convertible is unleashed – the car gives a driver-focused experience, previously only seen in the carmaker’s racing machines. Moreover, with All-Wheel-Steering and eLSD, the driver can choose the right balance of throttle and steering to deliver optimal performance.

All-Wheel Steering

The new, Electric All-Wheel Steering helps in increasing the dynamic nature of the GT Speed which is even more recognizable in the Sport mode as the steering, combined with Bentley Dynamic Ride and the eLSD, offers a level of agility never seen in a Bentley road car before.

At medium and low speeds, the rear wheels steer in opposite directions to the front ones to initiate a rapid change in direction. Naturally, the steering will feel so much sharper giving the driver a much more confident feel. Bentley says the system on the GT Speed is much more active than on the Flying Spur as the primary focus on the uber-luxurious sedan is enhancing high-speed stability.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD)

For the first time in a Bentley, the new GT Speed brings in an eLSD which provides “increased lateral capacity, improved longitudinal stability, enhanced on-throttle adjustability and better traction in adverse road conditions”, according to the crew at Crewe. (Get it?)

In the Continental GT Speed, there is improved traction, a greater level of confidence for the driver, and the vehicle is made more stable at high speeds. Switch to Sport mode and the eLSD shows its improvements as there is better on-and-off-throttle adjustability, improved turn-in response, and increased straight-line performance meaning the GT Speed is now more adjustable to the situations and driver-focused than ever before.

With help from the new systems onboard, the driver can exit a corner better with improved precision and confidence. It certainly seems like Bentley has paid a lot of attention to the confidence of drivers. Give people power and the confidence of taking any corner without losing it, the sales will come on their own.

As for the torque distribution, it can vary across the powertrain according to the selected Drive mode. In Comfort and Bentley guise, the system can send up to 36% of the available torque to the front axle and counter oversteer by sending up to 400 Nm of torque to the front wheels.

Drive in Sport mode and the system will automatically limit the available torque distribution to the front axles to 28% to maintain a higher torque level at the rear for a more dynamic feel. The system will also respond differently to oversteer, sending approximately 1/10th of the available torque to counter Bentley driving mode, making for an increased performance feel.

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