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It is “Nouvelle Vague” at Renault as the French carmaker shares its new ambitions

Put simply, the Renault brand is certainly moving forward.

Just a few days ago, CEO Luca de Meo and the Renault brand team shared their vision of the brand, within the framework of the Renaulution plan consisting of a more modern, greener, tech-driven, and sustainable Renault brand, a new logo, a product-centric ideology, and a value-driven business strategy.

With the new movement, Renault will aim at bringing in a wave of modernity to the European automotive industry. “Nouvelle Vague” will turn the brand into something that is centered around technology, services, and clean energy by engineering smarter everyday vehicles and mobility solutions that are more sustainable. 

Highlights from Renault Talk #1 –

  • The Renault brand will be the greenest in Europe by 2030, meaning 9 out of every 10 cars sold will be electrified.
  • Via “Software République”the company will be shaping up the future of urban mobility with more than 2,000 engineers from five industry-leading companies as they bring their shared expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data processing, software, and microelectronics.
  • The Renault Re-Factory, Europe’s first circular economic hub, currently recycles and upcycles up to 120,000 vehicles (EVs too) every year with nearly 80% of the recycled material to be used in new batteries. By 2030, Renault is set to become the world’s best automotive manufacturer if we talk about the percentage of recycled materials in new vehicles.
  • By 2025, seven new models will be revealed for both, the C and D segments, with all of them being electrified. The next-gen Megane E-TECH Electric is also set to be released shortly. 

Renault E-TECH Hybrid

With more than ten years worth of experience and almost 400,000 vehicles sold to date, Renault is certainly the leader in the European EV market. The Renault brand has extended its existence in the EV industry with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of its core market vehicles. Additionally, both hybrid and plug-in hybrid provides the best in energy efficiency and driving pleasure while also reducing CO2 emissions and fuel use. 

Last year, Renault decided to give its core vehicles, the electrifying experience with the Clio E-TECH Hybrid, Captur E-TECH PHEV, and the Megane Estate E-TECH PHEV. This year, with the recent reveal of Arkana, Captur E-TECH Hybrid, and the Megane hatch E-TECH PHEV, the brand now has an EV range of six E-TECH Hybrid and PHEV on offer.

For the coming years, in 2022, for the C-SUV segment, there will be a brand-new, 1.2L, 3-cyl motor combined with an electric motor, good for 200hp in hybrid, and a 280hp, PHEV, 4WD model by 2024.

Renault Arkana

Speaking of Arkana, it is the first, SUV-Coupé from the mass-manufacturer, bringing driving pleasure, comfort, and space, together. The Arkana has a strong personality and distinctive styling mated to a fully hybrid engine. 

Renault Kangoo

Having been initially launched back in 1997, the Kangoo makes a return combining elegance, space, and technology. With a streamlined design, the Kangoo guarantees the best possible space with three full-sized seats at the back and more than 49L of accessible storage. There are even fourteen new, standard driver-assistance systems to ensure optimal safety. The model can be had in both, 5 and 7-seat configurations. Come next year, the Kangoo will also be available in a fully-electric E-TECH model.

Commercial Priorities

Lastly, in Europe, 25% of Renault’s sales are electrified with 30% of the Clio sales in France already hybrid. Renault wishes to speed up its product line renewal, both in Europe and abroad, by winning back the market shares in the C segment, beginning with the Renault Arkana. The French automaker also focuses more on the quality of sales and price positioning.

Additionally, the end-game objective for the Renault brand is to increase the profitability of its vehicles while preparing a generation of new products to conquer new markets to help the brand perform better and faster.

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