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All-new Toyota Land Cruiser breaks cover with V6 power and new GA-F platform

V8 out, twin-turbo V6 coupled with amazing looks, in!

The Toyota Land Cruiser was first launched back in August 1951 as the 4WD Toyota BJ having a powerful engine, meaning a high level of off-road performance in adverse environments. That very model was so capable that it soon became the police patrol car all over Japan. Not only this, the Toyota BJ started the tradition of “Striving to deliver safety and security to all customers as well as others involved with this vehicle.”

Roughly 70 years later, Toyota has sold more than 10 million units of its highly-capable Land Cruiser in 170 countries and regions all over the world, mainly because the true essence of that SUV lies in “reliability, durability, and off-road performance.”

The all-new Land Cruiser has made full use of the new GA-F architecture based on TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), a platform that underpins various Toyota and Lexus models while keeping the frame structure which is the foundation that protects the Land Cruiser’s essence. The entire frame was redesigned to reduce as much weight as possible and also increase the overall rigidity. As a result, the people at Toyota have successfully managed to shed somewhere around 200kgs over its predecessor.

The maker has also added more wheel articulation for better off-roading performance and a new electronically controlled version of its trick KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) that adjusts the connection of the anti-roll bars. To further improve the traditional off-road performance, adoption of the Multi-Terrain Monitor, which instantly displays obstacles as viewed from the driver’s viewpoint, and the adoption of the Multi-Terrain Select, which automatically judges the road surface and selects the best driving mode, were also done.

Now, as mentioned above, the naturally-aspirated V8 motor won’t return with the LC300 model. Instead, you have two choices of twin-turbo V-6 with the first one being a 3.5L Petrol unit churning out 409hp and 479 lb-ft of torque, while the other option is a 3.3L Diesel unit good for 304hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Both the motors come mated to a 10-speed AT and the power is sent to all four wheels. There will also be a naturally-aspirated V6 with a 6-speed AT on sale “available in some areas” but Toyota is staying tight-lipped on that information.

You wouldn’t require a pair of spectacles to realize that the all-new Land Cruiser has not only changed on the engine side but also the exterior and interior side. A new front fascia with a massive grille and headlights increases the oomph factor, and the rear is no different. All in all, the 2022 Land Cruiser reminds everyone why it is Toyota’s longest-selling nameplate.

On the inside, you get a hint of why this Land Cruiser is the most powerful and most advanced yet, as a massive touchscreen on the dashboard and a redesigned center console, as well as a reworked gauge cluster with its digital display, ensure that even during off-road driving, it easily captures the vehicle’s position. On the safety front, Toyota has given the latest Toyota Safety Sense active safety package with additional advanced functions.

The Japanese auto manufacturer wishes to launch the all-new Land Cruiser to markets “all over the world” starting this summer, but that doesn’t include the US or Canada. Why you may ask? Well, it has something to do with the previous-gen’s slow sales. Although I feel, now that the times have certainly changed, why not give it a try?

There’s more – in the official reveal video, Toyota also showcased the GR-spec Land Crusier which sports a different front end, different wheel and tyre setup, more black plastic cladding, and a metal skid plate. We know nothing more regarding this. What do you think will be the differentiating factor between the ‘standard’ Land Cruiser and the GR-spec Land Cruiser? I know one thing for sure – whenever I think of an SUV, I think of a Land Cruiser. It’s a masterpiece, this new model.

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