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Why are Tesla’s claims so outrageous?

For the greater-good, let's find out.

From a small hatchback to an F1 car, from naturally-aspirated engines to a turbocharged motor (and at times, even a super + turbocharged unit), everybody wants a slice of the action, the action of determining which car manufacturer, which racing team, has the fastest car, the quickest car, the safest car. So far, the answers found don’t make much of an impact, as whenever you wake up on a fresh morning, some or other company has already claimed that it has what it takes to produce a car that has the aforementioned qualities. However, I ask – why the fuss?

Well, the answer to that question is that I don’t know, and I’m sure, nobody else knows, too, apart from those making the claims of course. Enter, Tesla Inc. Tesla wishes to change the world, and at times, well, most of the time, it has to do away with aiming higher than what is possible and predicting something that can’t be accomplished. Has worked for the company, though, let me tell you.

Sometime around 2011, when the Model S was in its ‘beta testing’ stage, Elon Musk claimed that “there were outside forces that didn’t want the Model S to exist, saying that in some cases they are funded by big oil.” Quite a major statement to make, no? I wonder if he’ll take back his words, now. Nevertheless, let’s focus on the latest Tesla to be revealed for a while – the Model S Plaid.

The high-performance version of Tesla’s flagship was unveiled in some fashion as Mr. Musk was all dancing and jumping as if he had just become the richest man in the world. It did look cool, though. However, it wasn’t long until he started claiming statements that weren’t true. Now, this isn’t hatred, but it is nothing less than that, too.

“Quickest production car ever”

When the Tesla Model S Plaid went live, so did the outrageous claims. One of which was that it is the quickest production car ever. Put simply, Elon ‘thought’ that it can hit 0-60 faster than any other car in the world. Mate Rimac, if you’re somehow reading this blog, I got your back.

The recently-revealed Rimac Nevera, yes, that hooligan of a car, has 1,914hp available, as opposed to the 1,020hp in the Tesla five-seater, and as such, does 0-60 quicker than the Plaid – by two-thousands of a second. 1.99 vs 1.97. The argument one might make is that the Nevera will be sold in much lesser numbers than the S Plaid, but I say, isn’t it still a production car at the end of the day? Isn’t that the whole point? The Nevera is quicker. Period.

“The fastest production car to complete a quarter-mile”

Mr. Dominic Toretto would be an angry man upon hearing this. Why, I don’t know, but I have a gut feeling about this happening sooner or later, probably because nothing comes close to his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Nonetheless, Elon says that once the Model S Plaid is given the proper wheels and tyres, it hits a 9.23-second quarter-mile at 155mph. Oh, Nevera, where art thou?

Once you look at what Mat Watson from carwow has been up to with the Rimac Nevera recently, you would know that he managed to set a time of 8.62secs (quarter-mile) at 171.79mph. That’s it, no further discussion on the capabilities of that electric-beast, Mic-drop. Maybe Tesla shouldn’t claim what it isn’t, anymore…

Speaking of controversial claims, “lowest drag coefficient of any car ever made”

Nope, downright now. No matter how ugly of a car, Mercedes-Benz made in the EQS, it still is a massively brilliant piece of machine, and to steal its thunder is inhuman and not so very charming, you see.

Tesla says the Model S Plaid has a drag coefficient score of 0.208, but Mercedes says the EQS can get you 0.20Cd. Of course, we might never know the final verdict on this, but judging by how Tesla behaves when it comes to declarations, I would want to side with Mercedes on this one.

World’s fastest car”

You bet. I think, the folks at SSC North America must be laughing their bottoms off upon reading this. The Model S Plaid is first of all, a four-door, five-seater, family sedan which is yes, faster than most of the supercars of today, but isn’t quicker than the current fastest production car in the world – the SSC Tuatara!

The all-electric family machine has a top speed of 200mph, as opposed to the 282.9mph of the Tuatara. One might argue, again, that though both the cars are in for production, the Tuatara will only be made for 100 lucky people. I say, again, both are production cars, so next time you’re about to say something, Mr. Elon, explain better.


Sure, nothing comes closer to the Model S Plaid which is, let’s be honest, a five-seater, can give you almost anything that you need, and still put a smile on your face. But then again, saying things that aren’t true, hey Elon, we living in the 21st Century! Know better!

I have always heard that “No publicity is bad publicity.” Sure, but publicity at the cost of lying, to the entire world, to potential buyers, isn’t that something that you shouldn’t practice? And in case you missed it, no, I still haven’t found the answer as to why Tesla claims something it isn’t or cannot do. If you find the answer, let me know!

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