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FP3 at the 2021 Russian GP cancelled due to heavy rains

The session has been cancelled outright due to heavy rain, and qualifying seems to be at risk as well.

Maybe even sports gods want us tuned in to Joshua vs. Usyk?

The FIA has, after some careful consideration, decided to cancel FP3 outright, as the weather conditions are too appaling to hold an F1 session in. After the fiasco that was the Belgian GP, we’d rather have a cancelled session than an indefinitely long wait, which eventually results in the session being cancelled anyways!

There is still a chance qualifying might go ahead, as the rain is expected to ease off in the afternoon (1:30-2PM local time), though with the weather being as bad as it is, we might never know.

The last time qualifying was moved to Sunday was recently, at Suzuka in 2019. The heavy rains at Honda’s home GP, thanks to a typhoon, moved qualifying to Sunday morning, just before the race.

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Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope for qualifying to go ahead. We as F1 fans would love to see a wet qualifying, as it has a real chance of mixing up the grid lineup! Although, if the FIA does hold the 2 laps to qualify it as a race, Verstappen’s Belgian GP luck would fade away as he has to start the last from last.

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