This is Alfa Romeo’s latest SUV, the Tonale!

Alfa Romeo calls this "Metamorfosi", and says that this car will be a glimpse at Alfa's approach to cars in the future.

Alfa Romeo has just taken the wraps off its latest model, which they call the Tonale. Alfa is excitedly promoting this car, and are calling it the biggest change in their car-making history, with a new outlook on electrification and connectivity.

The Tonale was first released as a concept car almost 3 years ago in 2019, and Alfa says that they have retained as many of the design cues from it as they could, while also retaining the traditional Alfa style of design. There are quite a few changes overall to the car though- let’s take a look at them all in detail.

On the outside, the extended curve below the waist rail is called the “GT Line”, and is a line that connects the rear and front lights of the car. On the front, however, the Alfa “Scudetto” shield is now more distinct than ever before. The 3-leaf clover style design synonymous with Alfa has been converted into front air intakes to cool the engine. The headlights are termed as the “3+3″ matrix-style designs, which has features like welcome and goodbye lights. The headlights also auto-dim and adapt as per the road conditions and surroundings. The rear of the car has a curve-like design that passes from either side of the car and is a unique feature to the Tonale. As for the wheels, there is an option available between 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20” wheels which are all available as an option. Choices, choices!

On the inside, the cabin has been modernised and driver-oriented more than ever before. Every detail has been given attention to even the tailor-made fabric on the driver’s seat! All the dials face the driver, and both the physical and digital controls are within the driver’s reach right from their seat. The instrument panel is now telescopic, and the steering wheel is more compact by design to enhance driving precision. There is a diamond texture on the central tunnel, handles, A/C vents and more which is inspired by precision mechanical processing with laser engraving. The seats are also ergonomic by nature, and the top variants even have Alacantra and vegan leather to further promote sustainability.

There are two trims of the car available- Super and Ti, and both are customisable. The Super trim is what Alfa calls a gateway for new Alfa owners, and it can be further enhanced with the “Sprint” pack, which gives the car an underlying sporty feel. As for the Ti trim, it can also be further enhanced with a pack called the “Veloce” pack, which also helps the car reach the pinnacle of its sportiness and performance.

The engines on offer are all hybrids, which Alfa say is the first step in their bid to electrify their lineup. A new 160HP variable-geometry turbo (VGT) engine makes its debut on the Tonale, which is an FWD with hybrid technology, and it is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The power of all this and the inbuilt 48-volt 15kW 55Nm P2 electric motor makes it so that the 1.5L petrol engine can move the wheels even when the car’s ICE is turned off! The startup of the car is also quicker, as is acceleration and power delivery. The entry point to the Tonale will be a 130HP hybrid, which is powered by a 1.5L 4-cylinder turbo-petrol engine and the aforementioned “P2” electric unit. The top engine variant has a power output of 275HP and a 0-62MPH time of just 6.2 seconds!

But wait, there’s more! The car has quite a few unique features as well- let’s take a quick-fire look at them, shall we?

  • Perfect Weight Distribution: Alfa says that the Tonale has achieved perfect weight distribution between the two axles of the car. Special management of mass and materials was needed for it, and Alfa achieved it to give the driver the most driving pleasure!
  • Integrated Brake System (IBS): The Tonale has a new braking system called IBS, which integrates electronics and mechanics for weight optimisation, greater car feel and almost instantaneous brake response.
  • Dual Stage Valve electronic suspension: This is a well-thought-out feature as it gives the driver a choice between comfort and power. The front dampers can be stiffened or loosened up at will by the driver for ease of driving style!
  • Alfa Romeo electronic self-locking differential: On the lower 130HP and 160HP versions, Alfa has included a self-locking differential, which guarantees perfect traction and gives a smooth driving experience by reducing understeer and also improving control on slippy or poor road surfaces.
  • NFT’s: No, that’s not a typo! Alfa Romeo say that they are the first carmaker to certify a car via the new blockchain concept NFT’s, which if the owner gives consent monitors the car’s details such as age, distance driven, etc effectively becoming a certificate of authenticity for those looking to purchase the car in a pre-owned fashion.
  • Alexa and a large HMI interface: Alexa is inbuilt into the Tonale, and there is even a feature which enables the owners to select the Tonale as a delivery spot for Amazon packages! The infotainment system is made up of two screens which total up to a movie-theatre esque 22.5″ screens!

And with that, we end a “brief” look at the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. It is Alfa’s vision into the future- and it sure does look appealing! No prices or launch date has been announced yet, however like every Alfa launch does, the car looks stunningly beautiful. We might get some more news as time goes, so let’s wait and watch what happens.

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