Maruti launches the Wagon-R facelift with a starting price of Rs 5.4 lakh

Maruti is now offering more in the Wagon R, such as a new dual-tone option on the top variant, even better fuel efficiency and new CNG variants as well!

Maruti Suzuki has updated the Wagon R for 2022 by giving it a new lease of life with a facelift, and it will certainly appease buyers! The LXI and VXi variants get a CNG option, while the AMT variant called AGS (Auto Gear Shift) will be available from the VXI variant onwards.

There are also 2 engines on offer- a 1.0L and a 1.2L. The 1.0L is available in the LXI and VXI variants, while the 1.2L will be available in the ZXI and ZXI+ variants exclusively. Maruti has also launched a new “Tour H3 Petrol” and “tour H3 CNG” variant for the fleet carriers as well. The 1.0L has a power output of 65HP/89NM and the 1.2L has a power output of 88HP/113NM. For the CNG variant, the power output varies between 54HP/82NM in CNG mode and 64HP/89NM in petrol mode.

What is impressive is the mileage of each of these motors, for Maruti has really pulled out all the stops! The Petrol AGS with the 1.0L and 1.2L engines give an average of 25.19kmpl and 24.43kmpl respectively, while the Petrol manuals with the 1.0L and 1.2L engines give an average of 24.35kmpl and 23.56kmpl respectively. As for the CNG variant, it gives a stunning average of 34.05 km/kg. This will certainly bring down fuel costs and keep the consumer happy in times when petrol costs are skyrocketing!


Visually, the car now gets a dual-tone design for the first time, which is available on the top ZXI+ variant. This sees the introduction of a new red and grey colour scheme with a black roof and all-black wheels to make the car look sportier. On the inside as well, the colour scheme has seen a slight revamp with a new beige and dark grey upholstery colour design. The rest of the interior has remained the same , though now 2 airbags are standard on the car as per the new govt norms to make Indian cars safer.

Below is a full price sheet for the updated Wagon R:

Wagon R LXI/ Tour H3: Rs 5,39,500

Wagon R LXI S-CNG/S-CNG Tour H3: Rs 6,34,500

Wagon R VXI: Rs 5,86,000

Wagon R VXI AGS: Rs 6,36,000

Wagon R VXI S-CNG: Rs 6,81,000

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI MT: Rs 5,99,600

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI AGS: Rs 6,49,600

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI+ MT: Rs 6,48,000

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI+ AGS: Rs 6,98,000

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI+ MT Dual Tone: Rs 6,60,000

Wagon R 1.2 ZXI+ AGS Dual Tone: Rs 7,10,000

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