Honda will go all electric by 2030! Teases two upcoming all-electric sportscars

The Japanese company plans to have 30 different electric models in the global market by 2030.

Honda has released a teaser image wherein what look to be two sportscars are under wraps, and the company has confirmed that these will be electric cars. Their plans don’t stop here- they also announced that they have the intention of producing 2 million EVs anually and also to launch 30 different EVs by 2030 all over the globe.

One of the cars here looks to be the ever-popular NSX, while the other could be a grand tourer as per the body shape. Both will be offered globally, and will be developed separately from the Honda-GM deal which was announced a few days ago. This announcement also had Honda’s plans to introduce various new types of EVs as well, such as a commercial-use mini EV, EV SUV, personal-use mini EV and more.








The outlook for Honda is quite positive, and their shift to electrification will be a very interesting one to follow. They had also announced plans to collaborate with Sony, which now means a minimum of 3 electric projects for Honda to contend with. It is a tough ask, but Honda is certainly well-prepared for it. The company is rumoured to have poured in 8 trillion yen (approx 4800 crore INR) inro their electrification process as well, which includes R&D expenses and other miscellaneous charges as well. The

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