Here’s the new “All Grip” 4×4 system for the Grand Vitara

The first-in-segment feature is dubbed "AllGrip"

Maruti has now revealed the Vitara’s 4×4 system, which is called AllGrip, in its latest teaser. The car is slated to be unveiled on 20th July and bookings are already underway.

Maruti teases the Vitara's 4x4 system.
Maruti teases the Vitara’s 4×4 system.

The 4×4 system, which is a segment first (well, actually, first introduced by the Renault Duster way back in 2014, but was discontinued in the BS6 transition), promises to be a USP in this crowded segment, where differentiation from the peers is crucial.

The AllGrip is Suzuki’s own adaption of the all-wheel drive system, which is also found in its global offerings like the global Vitara and S-Cross (using a more advanced version of the same for its offroader the Jimny.)

It is also coupled with 4 drive modes: Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock. Simply put, Auto mode is where the power distribution to the wheels is governed by the car and the driver doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Sport is is for when the driver would like a little fun, and the car distributes power accordingly for quick sprints and better cornering. In Snow mode, good grip and traction at low speeds is of essence and Lock mode essential engages the 4×4 full-time, causing a nearly 50:50 distribution to the front and rear wheels.

With the Duster AWD now long gone, the Vitara (and its Toyota cousin, the Hyryder) are set to take on the USP of being the only ones equipped with a 4×4 system in the segment, and promise to have the best off-road capabilities in their class.

What’s shocking  however, is that the system is offered only in the top-end trim with a manual transmission paired to the K15C engine! (Note: this is for the Hyryder only.) A big miss, considering the market is moving to automatics in a big way. The K15C engine isn’t big on pep either. Hopefully, the Vitara corrects this mistake, and offered the system for both the manual and automatic. A hybrid AWD would be something too!


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