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Koenigsegg launches the special edition CC850 – Limited to 50 units, it comes with a gated manual!

The CC850 is a tribute to 20 years of Koenigsegg which started back in 2002 with the CC8S.

Koenigsegg unveiled the brand new CC850 as a modern 2022 tribute to the original highest powered car in 2002, the CC8S. This is a special tribute to the OG Ksegg which turned heads for the automotive world having 655 HP back when Koenigsegg only had a team of 10 or so employees! Limited to just 50 units in the year when Mr. Koenigsegg himself turns 50, let’s find out what’s special with this real special piece of art.

Design and technology

Christian Von Koenigsegg took the stage to remind us that the CC8S was a timeless design. Indeed it was as we saw it on the stage alongside the CC850. They didn’t have to do much to change the design aspect of it so they focused on the cosmetic updates like LED lighting, slightly better alloy wheel design and tweaked bumpers & design to give it the perfect aerodynamics. It actually does standout as a special edition modern version of an old time exotic. A job well done then!











But, don’t be fooled with the timeless design. Koenigsegg, unlike Bugatti, fits this one with all their latest technology. It comes with Autoskin which is Koenigsegg’s robotized door and engine bay opening-closing mechanism along with a detachable roof that stows away in the front. The chassis also comes with different ride heights depending on the surface conditions of the road. It also comes with active aero underneath the floor and a hidden body mounted wing with active aero enabled in it.

Performance metrics

This special edition limited to 50 units multi million dollar hypercar comes with a manual transmission! I know I have the attention of all the gearheads now! Yes, the CC850 comes with a special new manual transmission which is an engineering marvel in itself considering the CC850 is now the world’s fastest and most powerful production car with a MANUAL transmission. In 2022, a manual Koenigsegg is something one could have only dreamt of. This new transmission is basically a manualised version of Koenigsegg’s LightSpeed Transmission or LST having 9-gears and 7-clutches which is featured in the expected to be fastest production car in the world, the Jesko.

I have mentioned how special it is but not exactly why this transmission is so special. Well, the clutch movement is connected directly to the hydraulics of the clutch and the manual shifter is also mechanically connected to all the mechanical movements of the transmission leading to a raw and real feel for the transmission. Basically, you’ll have a force feedback each time you shift the gated manual with a wood finish gear knob. In fact, this transmission has different gear ratios in the track mode as compared to the “road setting” which is another world’s first. When you have 9 gears to play with, the gear ratios can make all the difference since you have to club the 9 gears down to a 6-speed manual. This might not make you the fastest drag racer if you’re not a good driver, but it certainly will give you days worth of smiles! Oh and it is called, the Koenigsegg Engage Sift System or KESS.

Over to the performance front, the CC850 comes with a whopping 1385 HP (E85 bio fuel) or 1185HP under your right foot along with 1385 NM of torque. The weight is also 1385 KG which makes it on par with Koenigsegg’s mission to make the most agile and powerful track monsters that can ruin any supercar on the dragstrip as well. The power figures appear to be less than that of the Jesko even though the CC850 uses the exact same engine motor. The reason is smaller turbos to have lesser turbo lag especially since it has a manual. The most fun fact about all this is that the CC850 gives out almost as much to the environment as an electric car if you use biofuel and use this vehicle as a track car/supercar.

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