Ford launches the 7th generation Mustang! – Last hurrah for the mighty V8

The 7th generation Mustang adopts new-age tech and design while retaining the original muscle car glory. Ford has also launched a track focused 'Darkhorse' edition at the same time.

Ford Motor Co. have taken the raps of their highly anticipated 7th generation Mustang along with the track-focused ‘Darkhorse’ edition. This Mustang could very well be the last time it comes with the iconic 5.0L V8. There’s a lot to talk about when a new generation Mustang comes along. Here’s what you need to know:


The brand new Mustang blends the original muscle car look with a modern day design. It is much more angular seen from all angles. The squared off edges, sharper grille along with the sharp creases on the sides and the bonnet is a perfect example. The headlights are no longer pointed and are thinner featuring all LEDs as do the tail lights with the iconic triple vertical slats albeit a lot squared off and sharper. The new taillights also only have  single kink rather than a double kink like the previous model. The overall side profile of the car remains quite evidently a Mustang with beefed up rear haunches and a smooth but edgy roofline sloping down to the rear. Ford has changed the roofline a bit to make ingress and egress easier if you’re wearing a helmet. This Mustang is a shout-out to the sixties. Oh! And the Mustang features quad tailpipes and they are REAL!

The interior has also seen some updates to the design featuring a dual screen driver centric design with two horizontal aircon vents right below the infotainment screen. The switches and buttons appear to be similar to the older one and though the interior is more tech laden than ever before, it does not feel as good as the exterior. Especially when compared to the previous car. If you saw just the interior without the Mustang horse on the steering wheel, you’d feel it belongs to the Focus RS. It does come with a manual though. Check it out yourself:

The interior of the new Mustang is the most technologically advanced, driver-centric cockpit of any Mustang to date. The fighter jet-inspired cockpit offers the driver two flowing and curved displays that can be quickly customized to show information the driver wants or needs to see. Pre-production vehicles shown


There are two engine options on offer in the form of an 2.3L turbo charged EcoBoost engine and the good ol’ 5.0L V8. The EcoBoost engine is a new one says Ford and they have changed the internal geometry of it along with adding a new Turbo. Power figures have not been provided though. But, the one we all care about is the 5.0L V8 and it does not disappoint. Ford have told that this one produces over 450HP and 556 NM torque of the older one thanks to a new dual throttle body design. There’s also a new feature called ‘Remote rev’ which allows buyers to rev the car right from the key fob. If that does not scream “This is America” the, I don’t know what does!

The seventh generation Mustang is the most exhilarating and visceral yet, from its fighter jet-inspired digital cockpit to new advanced turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines to its edgier yet timeless exterior design. Pre-production vehicles shown. Closed course. Professional driver.

Overall, this new Mustang is Ford’s way of celebrating the last iteration of an ICE powered Mustag. Why not make some money out of it especially when good ol’ American muscles are high in demand. Pricing is expected to start at $32000 for the EcoBoost and around $45000 for the 5.0L V8 GT model. Ford will launch the car for customers in 2023.

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