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Ferrari unveils the Purosangue – Bringing the Sport back in SUVs!

To say that Ferrari's SUV is the best looking is an understatement. The Purosangue sounds and looks better than MANY supercars in existence today.

Ferrari have unveiled their much awaited NA V12 powered Purosangue SUV which will be launched for the world in 2023. And boy does it look amazing. As amazing as it looks, the sounds that come out of that vehicle can make you want to spend money you don’t have. Ferrari really went on to make an FUV rather than an SUV. A Ferrari Utility Vehicle. Ferrari have done it in the most Ferrari way. Let’s quickly get into the mechanics and design of this one of a kind vehicle bearing the prancing horse badge.

The Mechanicals

The naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 is a front mid-engine mount with a trans-axle layout having the gearbox at the back. Wondering what it results in? Well, this means a 49-51% which is exactly what one finds in the 812 Competizione. It also has wing like doors or suicide doors for easier access and the interior, just like the exterior is an art piece. The V12 is the same as the 812 Competizione producing 725 HP with 716 NM of torque and 80% of it is available from 2100 RPM revving up to a max of 8250 RPM. These figures make the Purosangue the most powerful combustion engine SUV in the world. This also translates to 0-100KPH in a breath-taking 3.3 seconds with 0-200 in 10.6 seconds going up to a max top speed of over 310 KPH! There is an 8-speed DCT paired with the sweet sound of a naturally aspirated V12 which is significantly better than the DCTs found in older Ferraris.

The Design, Aero and Interior

The bonnet opens from the front like the Ferrari Monza and the overall design is smoother than a glass of Sauvignon. The rear contours down in a Ferrari supercar trend and at no point does it start to look like a soccer mom/dad car. This is basically a love child between the Ferrari Roma and the GTC4 Lusso. The tail-lights and the elegance in the design will remind you of the Roma, so will the front grille or lack thereof. The 4-door, 4-seat and comfort first behind that elongated bonnet will give you hints of the GTC4 Lusso which is essentially the car that the Purosangue replaces. In terms of the exterior design, it is absolutely stunning!

There is so much aero in the car, it might just slip into the future. Ferrari might be the last ones to the segment but they have definitely redefined what luxury SUVs should look and feel like. No matter how their strategies are in Formula 1, the Ferrari team know the automotive game better than anyone. The Purosangue has aero at the front strip running towards the DRLs, aero above and beneath the strip, aero sleeves in the headlights and taillights, a wide aero strip around the front door hinge and the new air-curtains designed around the carbon fiber wheel arches. If you’re thinking this is overkill, you’re wrong because the faster an SUV like this goes, the more stability it needs during the slightest curves for balancing the heavier weight which is quite a bit above the ground.

On the inside, we see a completely new design and Ferrari have not recycled anything from the older cars. The only similarities are the infotainment screen and the driver’s digital display which is so far ahead in terms of technology when compared to others that the competition will need to be on their toes to have a selling point against the Purosangue. The interior seats and trim feel like a piece of art and there is no central infotainment screen. The driver gets a huge curved OLED digital driver’s display while the infotainment screen is in front of the front passenger. It is logical enough for me to wonder why no one else did this before, especially in high performance vehicles. Porsche could take a leaf out of Ferrari’s book to compensate for the 4 screens they offer to blind you in a Taycan.

The Ferrari Purosangue is an expression of the extreme. It is truly a blend of physics and artistry at its peak. Expected to be priced at around $350,000, the Purosangue is the perfect answer for a gearhead parent with the money.

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