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Grand Prixview for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix

Aston's new aero upgrades, Schumacher's tussle with Haas and Alfa Romeo's F1 future.

With the practice rounds of the Singapore Grand Prix right around the corner, the F1 fraternity has sprung into action. The following are the updates that are worth having a look at:

Aston Martin bringing more aero upgrades to the Singapore Grand Prix 2022

Aston Martin is all set to bring major improvements in the design of their F1 car in the 2020 Singapore Grand Prix. Aston had everyone talking about them already in the Hungarian Grand Prix because of their unique and inspiring rear wing design. The Aston Martin team had gone an extra length by the combined efforts of the technical department of Aston Martin and the FIA so that they could make this wing pass all the technical regulations.

They are not satisfied with the wing upgrades though, as they have confirmed thae addition of new components to the AMR2022. These are expected to give a considerable jump in the performance which will hopefully help them face their present challenges in the race. One of the Important upgrades being made was the decrease in the overall weight and a design that ups the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The Aston Martin team expects these upgrades to help them not only in this year’s competition but also give them an advantage in the 2023 Grand Prix. This is likely to happen as the regulations for the 2023 season will remain static unlike the revolutionary regulation changes in 2022.

Haas unhappy with Mick’s behavior in Austria

Haas Engineer Ayao Komatsu has finally revealed that the way Mick Schumacher behaved at the Austrian GP hasn’t pleased the Haas management. In an interview with Germany’s Motorsport-Total, Komatsu revealed how events unfolded in the race weekend in Austria.

He said that during sprint qualifying on Saturday, Schumacher trailed his fellow driver Kevin Magnussen and he seemed to be moving as he requested to swap positions. The team order was not forthcoming though, with Schumacher being placed behind Magnussen as he was required to use DRS to defend against Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Eventually though, Hamilton raced past Schumacher that led him to finish in ninth while Magnussen finished Seventh.

Schumacher is presently unsigned for the 2023 season. Haas team principal Guenther Steiner also called Schumacher “inconsistent” and mentioned a 50-50 chance that Haas will re-sign him for the next season.

Alfa Romeo in no hurry about their future past 2023

The Chief executive of Alfa Romeo, Jean-Philippe Imparato has revealed in an interview that the company is in “no rush” to make a conclusive decision on its future in Formula One past 2023. This comes a month after it was announced that Alfa Romeo’s deal with Sauber would only last till the end of the 2023 season. The Alfa executive said that he is open to anything and is taking the period as an opportunity to study everything with no pressure in mind. He further explained that he would be ready to find a compromise between motorsport DNA and the transition to EV in the automobile industry.

The options available to the Alpha team are presently limited. The only way it can stay is by agreeing a deal with a team that uses Ferrari which at present only exists in the form of Haas. The other option is them cracking a deal with a new entrant that is ready to take the supply of Ferrary engines. The chances of this happening appear bleak considering Formula One’s current stance on expanding the number of teams.

BMW “certainly not interested” to Join F1 anytime soon!

BMW is “certainly not interested” in entering Formula 1 for the 2026 powerunit regulations. This is unlike other manufacturers who have shown interest in being a part of the championship. BMW had exited the F1 championships back in 2009 due to the financial crisis. They shifted their focus to Formula E and World Endurance Championship later instead of F1. This news was revealed by BMW Motorsport head Andreas Ross as he stated that the investment required in Formula one before you get any returns is very high. He said that BMW is not interested in returning to F1 at the moment and also highlighted the company’s plans toward complete electrification.


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