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Hyundai prepares to be #1 again with 2nd Generation Creta!

Hyundai India has finally put the minds of all enthusiastic fans at ease by teasing new-generation Hyundai Creta. Obviously, it goes without saying that this model will make its debut at the Auto Expo 2020. 

The model, first launched in 2015, kept climbing the sales charts every month until it became the best selling SUV in its category. However, the title of “Best Selling” was taken over by Kia Seltos which entered the Indian market in 2019. Although, to think of it, both the Seltos and Creta are essentially the same vehicles.

Anyway, Hyundai wants to claim their position back with the 2nd Generation Creta. As per the news, Hyundai has been testing the model aggressively before launching it for the Indian market. 

The global debut of the model was in China with the nameplate ïx25″. The new generation Creta will have similarities with the ix25, just like the previous version of the model. However, there will be certain tweaks on the design-front to attract more consumers from their client base. The 2020 Creta has been given the horizontal slats grille instead of the honeycomb grille. The teaser also shows the front grille made out of chrome.


While certain websites report projector headlamps, the teaser confirms a full LED lighting set up for the top-end SX variant. Another change include a new set of alloy wheels (different from ix25). Coming to the engine of the Creta, Hyundai offers you the same engine options like the Kia Seltos. 

  1. 1.4-litre turbo petrol.
  2. 1.5-litre diesel.
  3. 1.5-litre petrol. 

The transmission options for the 2nd generation Creta are Dual Clutch, Automatic, and a 6-speed manual.

There are reports that suggest Hyundai will launch another version of Creta which will be 7-seater. As of now, the 2nd Generation Creta will be a 5-seater SUV. Even though the structure is of 5-seater, there will be an additional 3rd row as well. This variant will add an edge that Hyundai needs, in order to conquer upcoming models such as the Tata Gravitas or the Hector which come with 6/7-seater structure. 

Next, the steering wheel of the 2nd generation Creta will reflect the one of Venue along with integrated controls and accents brushed with aluminium. Hyundai has included connected car technology, BlueLink, as well. However, the highlight of the model will be the touchscreen which is vertically-stacked. Other features included are an air purifier, 6 airbags, a head-up display, panoramic sunroof, and much more! If interiors are your thing, then you must gear up for this launch because it will be epic!

Even though the price has not been revealed yet, we expect that pricing will start from almost 11 lakh rupees and go all the way up to 16 lakh rupees. Compared to the Kia Seltos which ranges from around 10.78 lakhs to 17.68 lakhs, Hyundai might have a hard time competing with prices.

However, given the fact that Hyundai plans to claim their position of #1, there might be tweaks made to the price when the launch takes place. All we can do is wait for Auto Expo 2020 to arrive to finally understand Hyundai’s strategy! 


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