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Mercedes-Benz showcased an impressive collection at Auto Expo 2020

Mercedes Benz, the winning luxury car manufacturer of the Indian market, showcased a range of models at the Auto Expo 2020. This brand has been given the title of strong leadership and winning brand 5 times in a row, with 2019 marking the 5th. 

The brand unveiled the AMG A35 4M Limousine. This model was launched as a China only product but, it is nice to see it being brought over to India since, the US and Europe only get the A-class hatch. For this model, the company has taken a new approach and has revolutionized the entire sedan segment. This has been done by infusing this model with extra-space. The A-Class Limousine will be playing a crucial role in making the brand’s sedan portfolio stronger. Additionally, it is going to be one of the key products being introduced by the brand in 2020.

It is expected that this model will appeal to the younger customers who are in search of a stylish yet technologically advanced model. The model comes with enough space, high-performance, infotainment systems, and next-generation telematics. This shall not be confused as a replacement to the CLA because it is different. The roof of this one does not slope down so it’s comfortable to sit at the back. It has a more practical boot and it looks less funky and more sophisticated. The new CLA sedan will probably arrive in India at some point and you’ll not be alone to be confused by Mercedes’ extra-ordinary lineup of cars.

Anyway, back to the expo, within the showcase there were other AMGs as well. These included the AMG C 43 Coupe and the AMG G 63. The former one is considered to be a unique offering from the brand in the C-Class range and is the perfect combination of design and performance. This model can give any driver the adrenaline rush required to cut through the wind. Additionally, the AMG C 43 4MATIC Coupe comes with premium 2 door coupe, sharpened design, and an athletic character. On the other hand, the G 63 is a great change but true to its core values. Amongst off-roaders, this has been THE car and you will see more of these around posh localities of India, being used as luxury cruisers rather than the beastly monsters off the tracks that they are. 

Next, the brand unveiled the New GLA at the Auto Expo 2020. The world premiere for this SUV GLA was during December 2019 and it has been brought to India at the earliest because of how well the GLA did for Merc in India. This new GLA sports an iconic design along with the class. The combination of masculine off-roader genes and the sensual purity has given this model an exclusive look. The New GLA is taller and shorter and convenience for passengers. The model is perfect for the crowd searching for space and sports at the same time. Along with this, the model is deemed to be safe as well. 

The other SUVs which were showcased by the brand are the new Long Wheelbase GLE and the New GLC. The GLE comes with much more comfortable interior design and exhibits itself as the perfect off-roader. However, it does maintain a luxurious and elegant design along with the high-tech MBUX System. The other SUV, the New GLC, is targeted towards the crowd who like to take over the urban roads and are tech-savvy individuals as well. The materials used for the New GLC are extremely high in quality and provide the authentic design which immediately gathers attention from on-lookers. 

Coming to the Sedans that were showcased are Mercedes-Maybach, New E-Class, and the MB Certified C-Class. The Maybach is the token of exclusive luxury and superior technology along with great services and accessories. On the other hand, the E-Class is still the most popular luxury sedan of India. Not only has it been ruling for over 2 decades but it has been one of the most prestigious products of the brand. The ones preferring chauffer-driven vehicles usually opt for this model. Finally, the C-Class is the most impactful and powerful product in the brand’s portfolio, The multimedia systems, safety features, and enhanced luxury features give this model the luxury status it deserves. 

Lastly, the brand showcased the Electric Vehicle, EQC 400 4MATIC Edition 1886. This model has been carefully created using the finest elements for both the interior and exterior. The high-glass black edging and the black panel radiator grille provide the vehicle with an exclusive character. This model is available in metallic high-tech silver as well. Furthermore, the “EQC Edition 1886” mudguard letting and the 10-spoke 20-inch alloy wheels give this model the decorative touch it needs. 


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