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Bugatti’s new Chiron could be badged as a Chiron R? Hard-core Chiron inbound!

Even if you’re not a true gearhead, you’ve heard the name “Bugatti Veyron”. And well the company ensured that it’s wealthy clientele was mesmerized enough to make a purchase.

The iconic Veyron has been launched in various limited versions, one-off versions and extreme sports versions over the last decade. The plan was to ensure that all 450 units that were in line for production would sell-off. The spectrum of options over the last decade managed to do the trick. Even though almost all the variants of the Veyron, including the special edition ones, were tweaked in terms of appearance. The only exceptional ones were the SuperSport and Grand Sport Vitesse.

Now, coming to the successor of this model, Chiron, everything has been taken a level up by the company. Only 500 units have been planned for production. The variants of the Chiron include the record-breaking Super Sport 300+, the Sleek Divo, the one-off La Voiture Noire, and the Centodieci which served as a tribute to the EB110. Apart from these, the Chiron has already received a sports edition as well which comes equipped with proper changes in the hardware, a power hike, and an entirely new set of bodywork. 

This year is already shaping up to be a great one for Bugatti. Fans have gone berserk since the time the brand released a cryptic image on Instagram. The indication was towards the launch of another Chiron derivative. But, now according to the ’The Supercar Blog’, Golf is not the only model released by the Volkswagen group which is the recipient of the “R” treatment. The word on the streets is that the Chiron is due for getting an “R” version as well. 

The world debut of this model is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show which will take place in March 2020. This hyper-model has been given the slot between the Chiron Sport and the SuperSport 300+ at the event. The model is said to be equipped with an aero package that has been revised and a fixed rear that will boost down-force at the rear axle. This will sharpen the handling of the model at the cost of peak top speed. 

The model might have been spotted at the O.R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa along with other Bugatti models. Considering all of them were under covers, there’s no guarantee that this was the Chiron R. However, one model stood out with its tall rear-end which indicates at the standard adjustable spoiler being replaced by a wing (as per rumours). There are some who are of the opinion that this model could have been the Centodieci or the Divo since both models have wings as well. The reason most say it was the Chiron R is because of the different set of wheels that could be seen. 

All will be revealed at the 90th Geneva Motor Show that commences on the 3rd of March, 2020. So, in about three weeks we will find out whether the rumour is true or false. 

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